Davao Route : Ecoland Terminal - Cateel, Davao Oriental

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The Durian with its seeds in human form. Just outside Davao International Airport.
My first travel blog entry in my whole life will feature Davao City as it is my first time here also. Both things are on my bucket list for so long. Davao City is the drop off point for a memorable 6 days back packing trip with a friend in Southern & Northern Mindanao and we plan to cover 7 provinces *expect entries on those places soon*

Davao City is Mindanao's premier city and the gateway to the region's attractions. It carries that infamous title as the world's largest city in terms of land area at 244, 000 hectares. It is one of the few cities in the Philippines that are independent of any province. It serves as the regional center (Region XI) and the metropolitan center of Metro Davao. 

It's confusing what province it belongs to at first. Me and my friend got into a little argument on it and end up asking the locals *which mostly didn't know also* base on wikipedia it belongs to Davao del Sur eventhough it is mostly proximal to Davao del Norte. It is conveniently situated near Davao Gulf and dominated by the Philippines highest mountain - the 2,954 meter high, Mount Apo.  It is also home to the Philippine Eagle *our national bird and previously named Monkey-Eating Eagle* one of the world's largest bird and the very beautiful Waling-Waling orchid considered as the "Queen of Philippine flower" and a motion has been considered for it replace Sampaguita as the national flower.

Arrival in their good looking airport 30 minutes ahead of schedule
a beautiful flower that I couldn't recall the name to lighten up the mood while I was waiting by a friend
the airport has a weird yet captivating architecture
Me posing in the most prominent feature in the airport. Picture taken by a fellow drifter from Colorado.
when an architectural design will caught my eye I will definitely shoot it in a dramatic black&white because real photography can be felt in the abscence of color.
 I wasn't really able to explore Davao City in this trip because we are on a tight schedule to reach Cateel before night fall but I will be back this October and hopefully be able to feature more destinations within the city.

Places of Interest within Davao City *base on research*
  • Philippine Eagle Nature Center
  • Dabaw Museum
  • Aldevinco Shopping Center
  • Holy Infant Jesus of Prague
  • Gap Farming Resort
  • Magsaysay Park
  • Lon Wa Temple
  • Malagos Garden Resort
  • Orchid Farms
  • Eden Nature Park
  • Jack's Ridge
  • Crocodile Farm - P150 entrance fee

 After almost two hours of wait my friend's flight arrived and I only catch a glimpse of Davao through a taxi's window and it's a beautiful city which I surely will explore next time.

Day 1 - Arrival in Davao Airport - Davao Ecoland Terminal - Cateel, Davao Oriental
the sign that got our attention inside Ecoland Terminal
  •  8:34 am - Flight arrived 30 mins ahead of schedule
  • 9:00 am - Breakfast in Jenny's Fastfood (beef steak - P40, rice - P8, bottled water - P20)  
  • 9:36am - 11:30am - Waiting for a friend lots of picture taking and planning for the backpacking trip
  • 12nn - 12:20pm - Taxi Ride to Davao Ecoland Terminal
  • 12:20 pm - Friend is having lunch in Goldilocks and I only have P80 halo-halo because I'm still full.
  • 12:40 pm - Inside Ecoland Terminal waiting for bus bound for Cateel.
the animal lover in me was enthralled by this cute quail chick
  • EPIC FAIL IN THE TRIP! A private van outside the terminal got us to take the ride bound for Cateel. We never ever should have took this ride. It delayed us for 4 hours and to make matters worst the van wouldn't forego to Cateel because we two are the last remaining passengers and it's getting late. We end up waiting for a bus bound for Cateel in Baganga. We were charged P500 for the Mati City route, a probable lesser fee for the Compostela Valley route.
  •  1:30pm - 10pm - *includes stopovers and long wait for the bus* a long 9 hours arduous van ride to Cateel passing Maco *Compostela Valley* and then Mati City *capital of Davao Oriental* TIP! Take the Compostela Valley route if you want to go to Cateel wait for the Mallen bus liner *it will only take you 5 - 6 hours*

beware of this van ggrrrr... this really damaged our itinerary

first stopover - MACO, COMPOSTELA VALLEY
second major stopover - MATI CITY, DAVAO ORIENTAL
PHOTOGRAPHER mode the symmetry is hypnotic
dinner in the middle of nowhere still on the road

We arrived super late in Cateel I think around 10pm. No choice place to stay - P600 room good for 2 and P400 good for 1 with common CR and a lack of shower.

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