Surigao City - Bucas Grande - Siargao Itinerary

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No picture can ever describe the beauty of this place, only your eyes can best describe it for you.
  • Sunblock. Sunblock. Sunblock. (if you don't want to be like me burnout tan after)
  • Insect Repellant. OFF! :)
  • Itsy bitsy tiny bikini. Board shorts.
  • Waterproof bags to protect gadgets & clothing during island tour.
  • Small water container to cut off in bottled water expense.
  • Most important! DIGITAL CAMERA (point&shoots and/or DSLR)

DAY 1 - July 13, 2012 - Surigao City / Claver

Our meeting point is in Surigao City. 12 noon onwards we'll just wait for the rest of the group to be completed before heading to Claver. It's best to stay in the newly established Gaisano Capital Surigao near the airport & the bus terminal. We'll buy canned goods there for the Bucas Grande adventure meals.

Once the group is completed then we'll head to Claver then.

Day 1 Itinerary

  • 12 noon - 3pm - Surigao City tour ( lunch, buy the necessities while waiting for the group to be completed or take a short tour in the city ) Lunch P100
  •  3pm - 5pm - Surigao City - Claver travel ( P100 - P150 in 2 - 3 hrs ) Surigao Integrated Terminal starting point to Claver.
  • REVLUN PENSION overnight stay ( P600 good for 2 pax ) + Dinner ( P50 )
  • Overnight Rest and planning for the first day tour.

Day 2 - Claver / Bucas Grande - Sohoton Cove / Socorro

Bucas Grande - Sohoton Cove Day Tour for Second Day

 Day 2 Itinerary
  • 4:30 am - Wake Up Call in Claver to see the beautiful sunrise in Hayanggabon Pier.
  • 5am - 5:30am - Claver - Hayanggabon Pier ( Ride a Tricycle P35 each ) 30 mins travel
  • 5:30am - 6:00am - Hayanggabon Breakfast ( P50 ) and contact our boatman Keni (09394380618) P3500 rent for one day good for 10+ people. 
Mr. Keni our super nice boatman

  • 6:00am - 7am - Travel to Bucas Grande 
  • 7am - 3pm - super engrande BUCAS GRANDE tour
  • Update! Bucas Comprehensive Guide : Bucas Grande Blog

Inside the floating office in Sohoton Cove


We pay our fees here!
  • ENTRANCE P25 each
  • DOCKING FEE P100 per boat / group
  • PADDLE BOAT P500 per boat / group
  • TOUR GUIDE P330 per boat / group
  • LIFE JACKET P30 each
  • SNORKEL GEAR P100 each
The Entrance into Sohoton Cove

Update! Sohoton Secret Lagoon Blogpost
Inside one of the many caves to explore submerged underwater.

One of the many beautiful sites inside.

Good times! Inside...

Underground River!

Entrance to the Jellyfish Sanctuary

Jellyfish Sanctuary

Update! Jellyfish Sanctuary Blogpost
These are stingless jellyfish so we should not worry. I even got one!

Club Tara Side Trip!

Hidden Resort Side Trip!

Inside Hidden Resort you can see the largest species of Pawikan and lots of marine life.

  • 3pm - 4pm - 2 Options! OptionA (Stay in Sohoton for overnight stay) OptionB (Travel to Socorro to stay overnight) Boat for Siargao in next day is in Socorro so I think it's convenient to head out there.
  1. Tiktikan Lake Cottage (P150 - P200 per pax open air cottage) +639399047019 Dodo (Sohoton Tourism Operations Manager)
  2. Sifai Cottage (P1000 per good for 3 pax) +639399047019 Dodo (Sohoton Tourism Operations Manager)
  3. Sohoton National Park (P500 per night for 3 pax fan room)
  4. Socorro Town Proper - Municipal Training Center (dorm type with shared room and bath for as low as 200 per night per pax)
  • 5pm onwards - overnight stay in Socorro ready for early trip to Siargao the next day!
Day 3 - July 15, 2012 - Socorro / Siargao

After a good tour in Bucas Grande we will depart early in the next day for Siargao to try surfing.

 Day 3 Itinerary
  • 6am - Wake Up Call in Socorro
  • 6:30am - 9am - Sea travel to Siargao Island ( P150 - P200 in 3 hrs )
  • 9am - 9:30am - Breakfast & Travel to General Luna ( it's where Cloud 9 is )
  • 9:30am - 10:30am - Check in an accommodation, rest & prepare for the activities ahead. 
  • 1o:30am - 2pm - Surfing Lessons in Cloud 9 ( P500 for surfing instructor + surfing board )
  • Update! Siargao Cloud 9 Comprehensive Guide / Activities : Cloud 9 Blog
  •  Afternoon optional activity courtesy of
  • 3 Island Tour, islets of Guyam + Dako + Naked ( P2500 for 4 hours good for 6 persons with P100 additional person & P300 additional hour )
  • Siargao Islets Comprehensive Guide click here -> Siargao Islets Blog
Guyam Island - P1400 for 4 hours tour
Dako Island - P1700 for 4 hours tour
Naked Island - P1800 for 4 hours

  •  ACCOMODATIONS to choose from (narrowed down to few favorites)
TRAVELER'S BEACH RESORT (best value price) contact Milla 09285201205 
  • AIRCON ROOM ( P2400 for 8 pax ) (P2000 for 5 pax) (P1200 for 3 pax) (P800 for 2 pax)
  • NON AIRCON (P1200 for 6 pax) (P900 for 4 pax)
SATUR HONOR RESORT (between Cherinicole & Patricks and 4 km from Cloud 9) # 09193967553
  • Cottages ( P1200 for low season & P1500 high season ) 
CHERINICOLE BEACH RESORT ( perfect place to relax ) #09286098963 #091824444407
  • P1000 for non aircon with 2 single beds can occupy 4 persons (P500 extra bed)
  • P1500 for standard aircon with 2 single bed can occupy 4 persons (P500 extra bed)
  • P2500 ocean view room for 2 pax
  • 4 km from Surf Break and few kilometers from Paradise Break (perfect place for beginners)
  • with swimming pool, WiFi and beach front.
Cherinicole Resort
Update! OCEAN 101 BEACH RESORT in CLOUD 9 review --> Best Value Accommodation in Cloud 9

 Day 4 - July 16, 2012 - Siargao / Surigao City

 Day 4 Itinerary
  • 5am - Wake Up Call ( must be early because most RoRo departs from Siargao to Surigao as early as 6am and the rest are late afternoons AM flights will be missed) Early morning means calm seas also coz the the water around Siargao been known to be brutal when the sun rises.
  • 5:15 am - 5:30 am - General Luna to Dapa Port ( P100 each habal-habal for 20 mins )
  • 5:30 am - 6am - Waiting for Roro back to Surigao Port ( P150 - P 300 for 2 -3 hrs )
  • 9am - Arrival in Surigao & breakfast in any fastfood chain ( Buying of pasalubongs for those who have plenty of time left )

P4000 overall cost for confirmed 5 attendees includes everything (P3500 - if island tour in Siargao is excluded). Cost may be lower if more will tag along.

Hope the itinerary helps clog your mind and fuels the anticipation more!

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  1. nice ! ^_^ thx kuya xian .. kuyug ba si ate anne ini?

  2. She show interest of coming along but still not confirmed. There are only 5 of us who are confirmed to go. Hopefully more will tag along.

  3. PERFECT! I have 4D3N to do Bucas Grande and Siargao. Booked RT Surigao flights that fits this sked. Great details and nice pics here! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Great to be of help with your itinerary. Hope you have a blast with your trip there. God bless!

  5. yey! great help! our group is so excited on our holy week trip to siargao :)

  6. Hi. Thanks for this! Unsa schedule sa boat from Siargao to Socorro and vice versa? Naa kay contact number? Salamat!


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