Aliwagwag - Waterfall Made for Adventurers

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   Stairway to Heaven that's what I fondly call Aliwagwag Falls because it just look like that from a distance leading to the sky. It holds the longest / highest waterfall title in the country as it is compose of 84 cascades and it would take you 2 days of trekking to reach her source. My friend and I never had that luxury of time so we only reach until the 15th level for 4 hours. 

This waterfall made an impression on me out of all the waterfalls I have visited. It was never the usual type wherein you will just stare and be amaze of grandiosity but you can actually experience her harsh nature when you try to conquer her dangerous beauty by trekking up to each level. It was never easy and very dangerous. One wrong step could mean injury. I have to utilize my rock climbing and trekking skill to get pass each obstacle because there was never any clear path. You have to pass an untamed path in the forest barefoot hoping there's no snake or any venomous creature in each step you take.

This is the most unique waterfalls experience I had and I never thought I'd have so much fun in a waterfall ever! It greatly satisfies the adventurer in me and standing in front of her roaring rapids evoke that primitive fear we all have for the safety of our life. Even though the falls took my newly bought 'People Are People' favorite sunglass huhuhuu.. it never bother me that much up to this day. It is that worth it!

Me super excited for the trek up the waterfalls.

Near the Base - As Viewed from the Nipa Hut

Around 3rd Level - The Base & Bridge still visible

One of the Cascades with the lush vegetations

Around the 5th Level - Raging Rapids

Around 8th Level - a beautiful scenery

Me getting lost again in nature's wonder. God is so great to create such beauty.

Cascades after cascades. An almost endless interconnected waterfalls.

Around the 12th Level - No visible trace of the bridge below.

Around the 15th Level - the final level that we could ever reach coz of our limited time.

Aliwagwag is under the municipality of Cateel. It could only means they have the right to that beautiful waterfalls. So in order to get there means to travel to Cateel, Negros Oriental.
             There are two starting cities that has airports I know in which you can get to Cateel.
airport via Davao City
- this is the best route I could recommended.
Davao City --- Ecoland Terminal (take the Mallen Bus Line for Cateel) before you got into the bus ask first if the bus is taking the Compostela Valley route ( a shorter travel time of 5 -6 hours ) compared to the Mati route ( takes 9 - 10 hours ). WARNING! Never ever trust van outside the Ecoland Terminal as they are not government regulated and most likely has an indefinite route that could compromise your travel time *like what happen to us* If you took the Compostela Valley route you get pass the Aliwagwag Falls along the way to Cateel as it is conveniently located along the road. 
Bus fare would be around P400 - P500 depending on the route.
airport via Butuan City
- this the route I haven't tried which could take longer around 11 - 12 hours and probably more expensive.
Butuan City --- bus --- Mangakoy, Bislig --- habal habal --- Lingig --- bus --- Cateel.

  • OAR INN ( P600 for 2 pax aircon with common CR ) this the one we tried you could try the other inns as this one imo is a little pricey for what it's offering. The bedsheet, blanket and bath towel is a liitle old and I don't like the smell.
  • other INNs I found, EDAR'S PLACE & TUGKI INN.

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