Bucas Grande - A Beautiful Oasis in the Sea

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When the good Lord started His masterpiece in an empty canvass He must be so inspired to be able to create such a one of a kind masterpiece that is so blessed with almost all of nature's spectacles. White sandy islets, lake, lagoon, waterfalls, caves, limestone and other worldly rock formations jam packed in a stunning masterpiece of creation that will always remind us of His greatness. Just like an oasis it is a haven for a traveler's eye and a perfect destination for tourists to experience - snorkeling, diving, spelunking, trekking, camping island and cave hoping with surfing in just a few hours away. To conjure it easily in someone's mind I simply describe it as 'the floating chocolate hills' because that's her most distinguishable feature. If you think that's all there is to this place then you're gravely mistaken in fact her one-of-a-kind feature is her superbly rare sanctuary that is inhabited by hundreds of non-stinging jellyfish who has found their niche in her lagoon.

Her maze-like islets will leave you asking for more explorations.

It's 5am in the morning and we're commuting to Hayanggabon Port to hopefully witness the sunrise in the port after an overnight stay in Cateel. On the way we were treated with one of the most most beautiful sunrise I have seen in my whole life. The sun slowly rises in the horizon like a glowing ember with no glare at all with its soft light reflecting in the sea reminiscent of those famous landscape paintings I have seen. It would have been a picture perfect sunrise but we were in a hurry and my companion & the driver couldn't care less to capture that moment so I just let that spectacle pass by. We arrived early in the port had a P50 breakfast and still manage to take some pictures of the sunrise even if it's a little high now in the sky and her rays is quite visible.
This photo is getting great feedbacks from Flickr, deviantart & jpgmag.
The normal rate for the boat rent there as of May 2012 is P3500 for the whole trip I'm guessing per day if it would extend for another day then you would have to shell out another fee. It is best to travel there in a small group to get the best value of the place in our case there's just two of us so I have to use my bisdak skill to haggle and the best price we could get is P2500. 

We were so blessed to get the biggest boat in that time at a discounted price. It's huge enough to accommodate 10+ people and there were only two of us. Thanks Mr. Keni he's a very accommodating boatman that offers the best neat looking boatman when we're around that area. Contact 09394380618 Keni

The most distinguishable feature of port is this abandoned ship.

We arrive early in Sohoton National Park registration center and paid all the fees there.

  • ENTRANCE P25 each
  • DOCKING FEE P100 per boat / group
  • PADDLE BOAT P500 per boat / group
  • TOUR GUIDE P330 per boat / group
  • LIFE JACKET P30 each
  • SNORKEL GEAR P100 each

If you enter the Sohoton Park attractions your main boat will be left in the Registration Center.  Instead you will be given smaller boats to access the different areas covered by the park like.

  • Sohoton Lagoon - a beautiful cove that can only be accessed through a cave during low tide with beautiful islets and the caves they offer for exploration there is a must try! Magkukuob Cave & Hagukan Cave is an exhilarating experience as these two are caves submerged underwater that can only be accessed through swimming through it during low tides.
  • Jellyfish Sanctuary - a lagoon filled with thousands of non-stinging and entertaining jellyfish.  
  • Tiktikan Lake & along with 12 other lakes within the park good for boat rides and some trekking. Lake Cottage here costs P200 per person. Contact +639399047019 Dodo
  • Crystal and Bolitas Cave - great place for spelunking and more cave explorations. You'll see bats in their natural den and Bolitas Cave has the balinsasayaw bird that uses its spit to build a nest and in turn its spit is use as an expensive soup delicacy in Chinese restaurants. I remember my grandpa use to buy it from locals and sell it at a higher price in buyers in the city back in the good ol' days. Isn't that weird? lol..
  • Cinnamon Island - a virgin island with cinnamon plantation of course! that lets you experience a traditional primitive island getaway that offers the best in nature and none of our modern world. Island Cottage costs for around P2500 for 5 persons with free breakfast. Contact +639488205835 Roldan
  • Club Tara - a beautiful resort with floating cottages. They have an infinity pool, a good restaurant and easy access to other white sand islets. Contact 09175225500
  • Hidden Resort - a wonderful resort that keeps a some diverse marine just outside each cottages that's a range from shark, sea turtles, huge fishes and lots of other marine life that only has the net that divide them from the sea. Contact 09173282448

The largest sea turtle I have seen in Hidden Resort.

  • Go surfing in Siargao!

via Surigao City airport

- this is the route one I've tried. Catch a van in Surigao Land Transportation Terminal conveniently near the airport. Land travel to Claver ( by bus P120 ) tell the bus driver you'll get off Hayanggabon Port *in our case we stayed overnight in Claver (REVLUN PENSION P300 per night) to catch a sunrise or if you want to go there early. In Hayanggabon port hire a boat to go to Bucas Grande.
- another route is to go to Surigao City port and catch a motorized boats to Socorro dock and from Socorro hire another boat going to Bucas Grande.

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