Bucas Grande - Sohoton Secret Lagoon

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Miniature version of the Underground River entrance of the captivating blue lagoon.
If you search for some serenity for your mind and some tranquility in your soul then this pristine lagoon offers just that and more if you want excitement too for the boredom that's weighing you down in your life. In its isolation for thousands of years makes the flora and fauna in this area unique to the place and enchanting landscape is something that lingers in your memory for a very long time.

To enter the lagoon you have to pay in the registration center first for some of the basic fees. You'll be given a small boat to get here with 3 personnel ( 1 navigator + 2 guides ). 

The place can only be accessed during low tides so its best to come here in afternoons but nothing beats the serenity of the place during early morning which in our case we are so blessed that it was new moon. In special lunar cases like the new moon low tides can be experience in the morning.
Our tourist guides!
The lagoon's entrance is a 6 meter cave that really adds some uniqueness in the experience wherein you have to dock in the boat to avoid getting hit by the stalactites. It the miniature version of the Underground River.

a horse shoe-shaped rock formations welcomes you into the lagoon.
The beauty inside is enchanting and cannot be put into words. The serenity adds an irreplaceable quality in your experience. I do hope they can maintain that. Being alone with nature basking in its glorious beauty awakens that primitive need within you that only God's masterpiece can satisfy.

First Stop! Magkukuob Cave

The eerie feeling inside the cave with a hint of danger of the unknown makes it a standout experience. The cool part is that you don't go out in the place where you came in. You swim your way in and you jump your way out! How cool is that? ;D There's a platform outside where you can jump back into the lagoon. You will assisted with two experienced guides in the whole experience though so no worries.
Challenge: Swim in an almost submerged entrance with live vest on. Climb your way out through its stalactites & stalagmites then jump into the water through a platform.

Reward: Experience the stunning interior of the cave with all the sparkling hanging stalactites and the bats that reside in the weird holes in the ceiling of the cave.


Second Stop! Hagukan Cave 
i call it : The Cave of the Giant Cobra

Don't let its name scare you away because that cobra is harmless because it's just a stalactite hanging on the cave's ceiling that shaped like an angry cobra facing you. This is the most exhilarating experience in the entire six days trip and I'm glad I took the challenge. You will be swimming in your own without the life vest inside. There's a small rock where you can rest though but you'd still be submerged by the chest level depending on your height. No pictures taken here since I don't have an underwater camera with me.

Challenge: Since the cave's entrance is totally submerged underwater so you have to dive your way inside and hold your breath for 10 seconds while navigating through the water and really stop yourself from surfacing because you will injure your head from the cave's rugged rocks. You will dive your way out again.

Reward: The unique beauty inside wherein the pitch black darkness of the interior meets the pure white light from the water is too much for your senses to take in. The giant cobra adds that eerie danger feeling wherein at the back of my head constantly murmuring 'What if there's a giant snake here that will drag your feet in the cave's depth you would definitely be helpless.

From afar you'll definitely notice this white limestone that's bare open amidst the vegetation. You'll be amazed and enchanted of such a beautiful nature's architecture. The locals says it's a church of the "encantos" (local version of elves) wherein lots of people here some hymnal songs when they got closer to that place. I have my fair share of encanto stories from my old folks back home and from what I heard they're completely like the elves in the 'Lord of the Rings' movie and whats strange is that those old people who described it to me has no interest in movies at all and I was old of those stories when I see still a kid back in the 90s. Still that lone bare limestone in the lagoon is very enthralling especially when you're at its presence you'll be given goosebumps when you come near it.

Eerily beautiful!
It's tranquil allurement will definitely calm your troubled heart for awhile. The diverse flora and fauna thrives undisturbed by men in millennia. The giant pitcher and iron wood is just one of the many. We even spotted a sting ray on our way out. I was amaze that the marine life from the sea actually frequently visits the place. I heard dugongs and dolphins go inside the lagoon too. The experience I had here will live on my memories for a lifetime and I will definitely come back someday. It's worth endless replays...

known to be the hardest wood

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