Cateel : Scenic Shore of Mahoc Beach

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Cateel, Davao Oriental
"Pacific Cove" I fondly call it because the beach directly faces the Northern part of Pacific and that's what makes the water here so ruggedly beautiful with it's cerulean tint. This the most unique beach experience that I've been to. It's a picture perfect beach that is a undeniably blessed with God given beauty. 

The white sandy shore mixed with the Pacific's water and those beautiful rock formation makes it a unique beach experience. It is pristine, undisturbed and you'll get a taste of what a virgin beach is like. You can walk the long stretch of white sandy shore with the cool sea waters in your feet, the warm ray of the sun in your skin and the beautiful scenery & rock formations treats for your eyes. You can have it all for yourself - the sun, sand, sea and palm tress - gives it a perfect tropical caribbean experience. Beware though of its enchanting beauty you might get lured of its spell and find yourself wanting to come back again & again. 

If you want serenity and tranquility this summer and be amaze of nature's unspoiled beauty then pack up a huge umbrella and a picnic blanket as there is no cottages available here. Be sure to take along some sunblock and sunglasses with a liter of water. 

Getting there!

airport via Davao City
- this is the best route I could recommended.
Davao City --- Ecoland Terminal (take the Mallen Bus Line for Cateel) before you got into the bus ask first if the bus is taking the Compostela Valley route ( a shorter travel time of 5 -6 hours ) compared to the Mati route ( takes 9 - 10 hours ). 
Bus fare would be around P400 - P500 depending on the route.

airport via Butuan City
- this the route I haven't tried which could take longer around 11 - 12 hours and probably more expensive.
Butuan City --- bus --- Mangagoy, Bislig --- habal habal --- Lingig --- bus --- Cateel.

CATEEL POBLACION -- 20 - 25 minutes time for P250 habal-habal fee -- MAHOC BEACH

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