Tinuy-an Falls : Philippine's Widest Waterfall

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"White Veil Cascade" that's my personal take of naming this waterfall because it looks like a white veil curtain hanging off a cliff when I have first seen it on pictures especially during rainy season when the waters are plenty. It's flow can enthrall anyone who dares to gaze on this magical waterfall. Again another one of a kind waterfall that we encountered in the third day of our six days Mindanao trip with a traveler friend.

Tinuy-an Falls is known to be the widest waterfall in the Philippines and it's reminiscent to the famous Niagra Falls in Central America. It has a width of 95 meters and a height of 55 meters. 

We just arrived in Brgy. Mangagoy Bislig from an adventure in Cateel the other day that we decided to go see the falls when we pass through the large sign board in the street pointing to the Tinuy-an Falls even though it's late in the afternoon already. We agreed that its scenic to take shots of the falls during late afternoon when the sun is setting and we could utilize the allotted time for the waterfall for another spot. 

We depart from Mangagoy town proper around 4pm and arrived in the area quarter to 6pm. The ideal travel time to the falls is only 1 hour but due to some dusty road constructions it took longer for us to get there. We rode a habal-habal for P350.00 to and from the area. I must say that it's a bumpy ride that'll leave your butt sore and it's quite dusty so it's best to take a mask before traversing the place.

We pass through different communities and a man-made lake called Lake 77, it stretches 77 hectares that looks more of a fish pond than a lake imo and this was used to be a water reservoir for the largest paper mill industry in Asia (PICOP). We pass a dense forest too, you'll hear the roaring sound of the waterfalls when you get near the place.

We arrived with not a lot of people left as it is getting dark. There's a huge sign board in the entrance that has the mayor's large face all over it along with his grand plans with the place. The hotels and establishments to be build on top of the falls.

It's really disheartening for me when humans tinker with nature for profit wise. The mayor plans to build a hotel in top of the falls as what the picture clearly says. Why can't they just leave it as it is? Building a hotel on top could ruin the scenery and could kill the falls with the pollution that comes with the establishments. People come here to see the majestic waterfalls and not to unwind on some fancy hotel.

The scenery that welcomes you when you arrived.
Pass the board sign there's some steps that leads up to the paying booth. Entrance fee of P50 and like all well established tourism spots you'll get to sign in there logbook stating "I was here!" The fee is already inclusive of the raft ride to get near the falls.

It's a convenient place with lots of nipa hut cottages for those planning to stay there longer and the pathways are mostly cemented. The waterfall makes the place standout and not a lot of interesting things to do in the place besides rafting & taking a dip in the cold water. It's a challenge getting a good shot for this waterfall as the fumes can easily clog the lens of your camera.

It's a scenic place to be and other than there's not much to do here. Be amaze of the waterfall's beauty then take a dip in its water or try rafting to get near the falls. That's all the experience you'll get here. At the end of the experience we both smile and says 'That's all there is to this place.' We got some stunning photos though and that is all you'll get from this place. 
I'm a huge LP fan, rock on! :)

  • Habal Habal fare - P350 (two way)
  • Entrance fee - P50 (inclusive of rafting fee)
  • Dinner P100
                                                                                                                         via BUTUAN CITY
- this is the route I can highly recommend ( time wise & money wise )
BUTUAN CITY --- Langihan Bus Terminal ( take the Mangagoy bus ) P244 for 5 - 6 hrs with earliest bus to depart at 4am --- reach MANGAGOY BISLIG

  • CASA DE BABANO - P800 for 2 pax double bed aircon, with WiFi, cable TV and a cute toilet and you'll get a free breakfast which is not that bad (small corned beef, rice & coffee) The only downside is that it can get noisy outside at night because they have a small bar with lots of drunkards around so you cannot stay outside if you want to contemplate.

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