Sweet Escape Series : CEBU - VANILLE CAFE

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stewed mango and banana in honey & red wine, served with ice cream & caramel *nom! nom!
The name itself will evoke mouth watering images in your mind and kick start your salivary gland to perform its main function. Vanille Cafe & Patisserie really has that great gravitational pull to the sweet addicted people like me. Every time I pass through this place I always have that uncontrollable urge to try it but I never did but when I was with my brother a few hours ago I knew I have to try the place no matter how high the price might be.

So there I was excited to see the available pastries on display but was in disappointed by the limited pastries displayed. How can this be? I thought this place specializes on the sweet side of life. So my second option is to browse the menu down to see the 'NOT AVAILABLE' all over it. No cakes but mostly salad, pasta and crepe. I wanted to get out but we were already given a menu and it would be an insult on their case so we decided to give it a try.

Mine *blue one* look way better!
 I choose their specialty for a palate experience one with a weird name that carries their official name 'Vanille Bleu' it has the blue curacao ingredients on it and the 'artistically layered' description got me.

Vanille Bleu - P115
 How was it? The coffee taste was the first one that stands out and the vanilla cannot be distinguished if it's there or not same goes with the milk I think their purpose is to support the coffee. The taste was so average until you use the spoon to spread that blue liquid in the bottom named curacao. It did a little to its taste it still taste like an average creamy coffee for me but I must say the smell is really new. One you will definitely remember. Maybe the that curacao liquor is a rare one that's why its a little expensive for an average taste coffee.

Coffee presentation is a mess!
Wikipedia speaks out! Curaçao (play /ˈkjʊərəs/) is a liqueur flavored with the dried peel of the laraha citrus fruit, grown on the island of Curaçao. A non-native plant similar to an orange, the laraha developed from the sweet Valencia orange transplanted by Spanish explorers. The nutrient-poor soil and arid climate of Curaçao proved unsuitable to Valencia cultivation, resulting in small bitter fruit on the trees. But the aromatic peel maintained much of the essence of the Valencia varietal, and the trees were eventually bred into the current laraha cultivar, whose fruits remain inedibly bitter.

Chocolate Smoothie - P110
 My brother got the super safe choice that'll obviously will satisfy his taste - Chocolate Smoothie. He said that it was delicious and I never tried to give it a taste though. My brother is a food enthusiast so I trust his taste that it was good.

 Now on the finale! I picked the one that has the "CHEF MUST TRY" recommendation to it on the side.The only dish in all the menu that got such a recommendation so it must be that good. SUGAR CREPE with CARAMEL FRUITS looks so mouth watering in the picture indeed. The presentation was really with that green herb amidst the yellowness of the dessert really gave it a distinct look above average.

Sugar Crepe with Caramel Fruits - P95
 How was it? The covering of the crepe tasted like any other pan cakes but it's what inside that crepe that will make you forget you're eating a crepe. The banana and mango stewed in red wine & honey combo works out really well and can give you that distinct palatable savory experience. It's worth its price and recommendation. It's definitely a must try!

MENU for price reference. 

LOCATION: 2nd flr Outside The Terraces Ayala Center Mall, Cebu

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