Island Hopping in Siargao

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Siargao has been known as the surfer's mecca is Southeast Asia and travelers from all corners of the globe flock to this tear-shaped island for that sole purpose but what is not known to many is it's white sandy islets is just as amazing with the island's reputation. A glimpse of those islets on a distance is pure bliss that will awaken your senses and reminds us how wonderful our Creator is. So come join me in a visual exploration in those spectacles in nature.                            


Vanishing Island is a very fine white sandbar that's completely strip of anything else other than the white sandbar itself. It is a pure desert of white sand bliss that will cater your fantasy on a deserted island getaway. It's so reminiscent to the White Island in Camiguin *minus the beautiful mountain back draft*. As the name implies during high tide the islet will be invisible to our naked eyes because it is completely submerged underwater. There's a small vegetation in the center of the islet and on one side clusters of rocks occupies the space.

PROS (+)
  • Perfect place for photo ops and picture whoring especially jump pix.
  • You can have the island all by yourself.

CONS (-)
  • Pretty much nothing to do here except sun bathing.
  • Extremely hot during midday with a complete absence of any shade it's recommended to bring sunglasses or much better an umbrella.


'Dako' is derived from the local word for 'big' and that word alone says a lot of this island. The biggest of all surrounding islands in Siargao and it is even visible in Google map. A small community thrives in the island with a population estimation of 200 people and they have a school, small stores and they even dug a deep wheel as a source of fresh water for everyone. The island has cottages that cost Php300 for day use but I highly recommended to stay in a shade on a coconut tree like we did and use a banana leaf to place your meal with to give the island hop an entirely unique experience. Local's will ask for an entrance fee of P10 each when you dock near the cottages.

TIP! Ask some local to cook you a meal. The price may vary depending on your haggling skill we got it as low as P200 for 3 fresh coral reef fish and P80 for the 2 kilos of white rice. Ask for some banana leaf too complete the tropical experience. They also offer some fresh buco juice refreshment for P20.

PROS (+)
  • Best place to stay longer and eat your meal.
  • Friendly locals that greet you with a warm smile.
  • The locals offer variety of seafood that they're more than willing to cook for you for a reasonable price.
  • You can play beach volleyball.
  • Fresh Buco is a must try for only P20.

CONS (-)
  • The stray dogs can get really annoying especially when you're eating your lunch.


Guyam is unique for its beautiful rock formations. Besides the stunning white beach and crystal clear waters you will be amaze with the ruins-like rock formations on the other side of the island.  They have formations that looks like a pavement of an old street, a crumbling old structure and what amazes me the most is the natural free flowing pool taht is amde by nature itself. There's a lone house that occupies the island and asks for a Php 10 entrance fee each. This is the best island of the three to find peace & solitude and some shade. They even some small cottages for free use.

PROS (+)
  • Delight your imagination with some beautiful rock formations.
  • Find solitude, peace and some shade.
  • Best place to go snorkeling out of the three islets.

CONS (-)
  • Source of food and refreshment is absent.
TIP! When exploring the rocks it's best to wear some feet protector like slippers etc. as it can get really painful stepping in those rugged rocks.

The three islets is meant for those seeking for solitude and want to commune with nature. Those searching for some unique experience & adventure will greatly bored. It's definitely worth a visit when you're in Siargao for P2000 rent for the boat for one day or lesser if you can haggle well. We manage to get it for as lows as P1500 originally.


Almost all resorts in General Luna and Cloud 9 offers an island hop and prices may vary depending on the resort. 

  • P2000 - boat fee
  • P20 - entrance fee for both Dako and Guyam Island *P10 each*
  • P200 - 3 grilled fish
  • P80 - 2 kilos of rice
  • P20 - Buco Juice

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