Mactan Airport - Cebu City Route for only P26

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Mactan airport - Cebu for only P26
If you want to spend only P26 for a commute from Mactan airport to mainland Cebu then this travel route is perfect for you. This is for the traveler whose going solo and only have a backpack hanging around. If you have lots of baggage with you then its wiser to rent a cab and if you're in a group a cab wouldn't be that expensive to divide on each one. If you're up for some exploration in getting to Metro Cebu then let us start our exploration then.    

So let's say you just got out of the airport's terminal from that deafening plane ride. All of the destination you planned in Cebu is floating in your head but then you realize all of your travel buddies bail out on this planned trip so a major reconsideration on your budget is a must and so hiring a taxi for a long ride to Cebu just won't cut it. Now there's the problem and I got a solution just for that. I highlighted the pictures of importance with some photo editing effects to make it easily noticeable in your eyes.


After getting out of that DOMESTIC DEPARTURE door head left. Then you'll reach the INTERNATIONAL DEPARTURE door then still keep walking to reach the second INTERNATIONAL DEPARTURE door. You are going to look for a yellow jeepney with sign of 05A that will park outside that door. This is the only parking area for that jeepney and the only jeepney route that will go to the airport. It might take awhile for it arrive and I ask a jeepney driver and he said it runs 24 hours.

JEEPNEY FEE (Mactan Airport - Marina Mall) - P8
Here are some places you'll pass through in that 10 minute ride.

The next place to take note is that Starbucks nearest to the airport. You must remind the jeepney driver to drop you off here because the jeepney will take a different route after reaching here in the vicinity of Marina Mall. Starbucks is just below the Island Souvenirs shop and it won't be that hard to spot.If you want some caffeine dosage then try the place but I won't ever come back there. That's the worst Starbucks service I have experience.

From Starbucks Marina go down straight to Marina Mall. You literally just go straight down and pass the highway just in front of Marina Mall on the other side of the road you'll find a jeepney with a number sign of 23D. The route of this jeepney includes : 1> HI-WAY ( you can find jeepney rides here for SM Cebu, Ayala Cebu, Colon St, Gaisano Countrymall Banilad, Talamban etc. ) 2> NORTH TERMINAL ( if you plan to go to Bantayan Island then you can head straight to the north terminal through this jeepney ) 3> SM CEBU ( though it will take some time to get here but SM City Cebu has a complete route of jeepneys for all Cebu City destinations )

So if you're heading straight to SM City Cebu then 23D jeepney for a fee of P15 is the solution for you but if you want to go to Cebu directly without going through SM then read up more. AS FORTUNA St. would be the next destination for you to explore.

If you want to go Ayala and other destinations in Cebu directly then ask the jeepney driver to drop you off at the back of Chowking / KFC in Hi-Way Mandaue. All 23D routes will pass through that area and park momentarily so you don't need to worry. For AS Fortuna you will only pay P8.

You will pass through this hotel if you are in the right direction.
So if you reach main road highway in Mandaue ( Jollibee, KFC, Mercury Drugstore is visible) you'll see four diverging paths complete for all destinations. Direction is inputted in the picture below.

Jeepney signs to remember:

21B - for SM and North Terminal (can get a ride to almost all destinations in Cebu *quite far*) for P10
14D - for Ayala Center (can easily get a ride to Colon) for P8
22I - for Banilad Countrymall (can easily go to IT Park) for P8

Airport - Marina Mall - P8
Marina Mall - Highway - P9
Highway - Ayala/Banilad - P9
= P26 (I hope my Math is working well)

Hope that helps in some way. Just drop in the comment box for some questions, more infos or just drop in to say 'hi' I'd appreciate it a lot. Thanks for visiting my blog :)


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    This is very informative. Thanks a lot for this! One question: When you arrive at Banilad Countrymall, what transpo would you take to go to IT Park? Thanks again!

  3. IT Park is walking distance from Banilad Countrymall. You can either walk or ride 13C drop you off in Waterfront then from there you can walk your way to IT Park ^^

  4. Thanks a lot! This will really help me. ^^

  5. Is this accurate? I'll be going there next week. thanks! kindly mail me through

  6. Thanks for this blog post Christian. It's a huge save than taking a cab. lol


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