Melange City Garden Resto Review

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In the heart of the suburban accent of Surigao City lies a classy restaurant that you wouldn't expect on this simple developing city. It is conveniently located in the scenic Boulevard Walk and the menu offer reasonable prices amidst the high-class atmosphere. It will not only delight your taste buds with their delicious food but your other senses as well with the acoustic band that plays each night - perfect mode setter. There's not a lot of good restaurant in the city and this one easily makes its way to the top of the highly recommended. It deserves to be so.

SERVICE: quick, attentive crew eager to serve your needs.
SETTING: classy fine dining, fully air-conditioned spacious dining area, dim lights on some parts
COST: spicy fish fillet and the sizzling squid - Php160.00

Melange City Garden Resto is a restaurant within the walls of the best hotel in the city - Tavern Hotel coveniently located in the Bouleavrd Walk of Surigao City. I believe this is well known to the locals in Surigao as high-class given the setting and the crowd seen inside. The dining room is intrinsically design to evoke a classy atmosphere and just like most restaurant of this type it also has a bar that serves cocktails for your beverage needs.

It's not just some random restaurant that attains a quick minute of fame, the place itself has a long history with the Surigaonons. It's pretty much been part of the culture of Surigao as seen on the hanging wall photos inside the restaurant.

One side of the restaurant can free your eyes from the claustrophobic strain as it offers a panoramic view of the garden facade of the hotel. If the close dining room starts to bug you then you can unclog outside to taken in some much needed fresh air and listen to the acoustic beat that the band playing. It's best to come here at night with some friends and enjoy beer in their pub with the band playing an acoustic song. 

Perhaps more surprisingly, given it's location and the crowd, prices are quite reasonable. Most of the plated servings in the menu good for 2 -3 people usually has a price tag of less than Php200.00 and their most expensive serving don't even reach P300.00. It might be that I'm used to the standard pricing to the big city but nevertheless this is a cheap price for it's setting and service.

Now on to the food. The sizzling squid is good and has a home cook taste to it. It was cook well to still retain the texture of the squid and the spices use makes the taste delightful. The fish fillet however has a rather soft texture for a fish fillet. It feels like your eating a cotton candy with fish fillet flavor on it I dunno if they overcook it or the fish isn't just fresh. Fish fillet shouldn't be that cotton candy soft but the tausi sauce compliments well with the food to give it a unique taste. Nevertheless it was a good meal and I enjoyed it.

Melange isn't without flaws but given it's fair price and classy atmosphereit'd be foolish to pass this out of your list when you'd be in the city. Spacious, big plated servings of fairly priced sharable dishes and specializes more in seafoods. The restaurant aims for class and good service and succeeds in doing both well. It has definitely found a niche to all folks in Surigao and will captivate tourists who happen to be stopping by the place. 

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