Sabin Resort Hotel Review

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If serenity and some privacy is what you need and you happen to be around this area then the place is perfect for you, its quite far from the noise of the city and provincial life is what you'll experience here. It's been known for its beautiful huge pool that will exhaust the pool lust within you. The pool is one of the best in the province and it's a pleasant sight to see palm trees and other green plants merge well with the huge pool that has a really odd design.

its beauty comes out at night as shown by this photo taken by Alan Noval

The interior design is good and some structure complement well with the theme that the resort is trying to establish. They really made an effort to make the entrance an alluring sight to the visitors. The Rose Grand Ballroom has a good well designed interior and is spacious enough to accommodate a minimum of 400 people and good place for events.
Entrance to the Hotel
It has is its own beach front that I wasn't able to take pictures with because it was really hard raining when I got there. The wooden view deck smells rancid when its soaked with rain water and the reeking smell of the wood aged by time comes out. They really need to address the signs of aging in almost all structures of the hotel it is the one issue that will standout the most when you get there that will somehow crush your luxurious expectations of the hotel.

Wooden View Deck

There are some ongoing renovations when I was there that will give a better elevated view of the place and its beautiful surroundings. One thing that rewards your stay there is the panoramic view of the sea and the island on the other and it's perfect place in sun's spectacles times like sunrise & sunset.

Inside the resort there's one lone restaurant that serves travelers with its good array of Filipino cuisine - MARIO'S RESTAURANT. The prices ranges around P200+ for platter size servings. My personal favorite is their freshly squeezed pineapple drink that really satisfies you for cheap price of P50. The greatest downside of Mario's resto is taking so long to serve your food mine took almost an hour and the hospitality of the staff needs work. And they don't have WiFi access. For a lone restaurant in a resort and doesn't have a WiFi now that's a big drawback that they should address. And it makes me wonder if the resort has WiFi too coz my gadget did not detect any at that time I was there.

Pineapple Drink


VALUE - 8/10 (The room rate is justifiable given it's size, for those who don't want to check-in it's free to go sight seeing and they charge for only P70 when you want to use thge pool and food's price in Mario's resto is not expensive for a platter ranges from P200 - P300 only.)
LOCATION - 9/10 (Perfect place for tranquility away from the hustles of the city. The motor cab charge me for only P30 going there along from Ormoc City and on the way back to the city you'll get the regular rate of P7 because a lot of motor cab going in & out in that area.)
CLEANLINESS - 7/10 (The place was well maintained even with all the palm trees in the area they maintained of the pool well the only downside is the aging of the facility that was not addressed well.)
SERVICE - 6/10 (Staff in front desk area needs hospitality lectures. They're not rude not warm or hospitable either. They won't bother entertaining you when you got there not unless you ask them.)

ROOM RATES good for 4 pax

DE LUXE - P1850

LOCAL # - 053-255-3801 , 053-255-3802 , 053-255-3803
INTERNATIONAL # - Your Countrys Exit Code+63-53-255-3801 , Your Countrys Exit Code+63-53-255-3802 , Your Countrys Exit Code+63-53-255-3803

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