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In the heart of surfing in Cloud 9 lies a resort that beckons a warm smile for every traveler looking for a place to stay that really has a good value for your money. I never thought that such a resort with a walking distance (approx 10 mins) to the best surfing spot in Siargao - The Boardwalk could come with a reasonable price for as low as Php 600 for 2 pax per room and not just that they have pricey accommodations for your comfort too. 

The moment we set foot in Siargao I was skeptical on the place to stay because all the place I that I have researched online are either expensive and some of the cheaper ones are far from the best surfing spot. Worst comes to worst and when confusion comes into play it's always best to ask the locals for recommendations for the best deal in town for they will gladly help you with a smile. In our case the pedicab driver was a blessing even though he charge us with a quite high fee but he did brought us to this good resort.

When you got in the gate of the resort you can never believe that they will offer a room as cheap as what the driver told us (P600 per night). The place is almost always full but it was truly a blessing that they offer us the cheapest room that they're probably reserving for someone else. The best part is that those are the only rooms that has WiFi access in the comfort inside the room because others has to go to the restaurant below to connect to the outside world.


WATERFRONT (aircon) - Php 2000 ( for 2 pax) extra bed - Php 900
WATERFRONT (fan) - Php 1300 ( for 2 pax ) extra bed - Php 600
SURFER FAVORITE (aircon) - Php 1400 ( for 2 pax ) extra bed - Php 700
SURFER FAVORITE (fan) - Php 750 ( for 2 pax ) extra bed - Php 350
UPSTAIRS (beach front two single bed ) - Php 600

The place is crawling with foreign guests *American, Austalian, French etc* and their laid-back ambiance really will make you feel at home. The best amenity is the free WiFi offered to all lodgers. This is not where the good things end they too have a beautiful panoramic view of the sea in Siargao and expect to see the sun rises & sits on this resort. The two-story rest house that has a hammock is the best place to relax and kill some time after a tiring surfing lesson. They offer surfing lesson too for P500 and island hopping for P2000.

The food in the resort has some good and bad elements for me. The good part here is that they wide varieties in their menu to choose from. The perks here is that every guests are welcome to add something new to their ever growing menu so expect different arrays of delicacy from all parts of the world. The bad part is that they're a bit pricey and you won't find a single cheap food choice in their menu. You'll invest more in your food there but it's worth it because it's new to your palate. If you want to save up then buy some canned goods before heading here.

TIP! Choose the upstairs accommodation. You'll get WiFi access inside your room and you get an upper view of the resort with the cheapest price but you'll be sharing the bathroom with others though.

The friendly provincial attitude of the staff, the great variety of accommodations to choose from, the laid back ambiance and breathtaking scenery, the great food and last but not the least is its super near distance to the best surfing spot in Siargao makes this resort highly recommendable for tourist and budget travelers alike. 

Cloud 9, Gen. Luna, Siargao Island
Surigao del Norte, Philippines
Mobile: (63) 910 8480893 / (63) 919 8268837

VALUE 10/10 (It has the cheapest rooms and if you want pricey ones they have too. I couldn't find any other surrounding resort that has this kind value around this area.)
SERVICE 9/10 (They greeted us with a warm smile and always accommodating. They're kinda used to that kind of hospitality to everyone especially the foreigners.)
CLEANLINESS 8/10 (No house keeping but everything in the place is clean enough for me.)
LOCATION 10/10 (Perfect place to stay if your sole purpose is to go surfing.)

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