Olango Talima Beach Resort Review

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Rests in an isolated island of Olango away from the dwellings of people, it will truly complete your island getaway experience if you really want to literally get away from the crowds in your normal suburban life. The whole resort itself uniquely sits on a black coral rock cliff. If isolation and complete serenity is what you're looking for then its a must to give this place a try. Talima is best known for its diving & snorkeling spots, it is the biggest marine sanctuary in Olango, stretches to 14 hectares and is home to parrot fish, groupers, mandarin and aquarium fish.

We got there almost noon after some bird watching in the last day of our six days trip with a traveler friend. For day use you'll be paying the P250 entrance fee which includes using the pool, life jackets and all cottages but sadly it doesn't include the meal. The menu is expected to be a little expensive because it's truly isolated and it's hard to find any other place to buy food from.

They do have snorkeling and diving gears if you want to go have some marine adventures for another set of fees again. We ordered pancit canton and canned juice that's triple its ordinary price for our lunch because we are so broke at that time hahaa! There's not much to do in the resort itself now. They use to have some water activities with their huge inflatable water park but sadly it has been taken down. I've been wanting to try it way back then but probably due to lack of frequency in tourism the place has been slowly out of pace in other resorts that's been competing for supremacy in Mactan area.

The resort is meant as either great dive spots or dwellings when you're out exploring the whole Olango island so don't expect to do some other interesting activities inside. It caters to your basic needs and they have that classy setting with their rooms with that white veil hanging on the beds of their rooms gives it a unique ambiance and probably also protect you from mosquitoes.


The pool is rectangular in size that starts from waist level shallow to as deep as 8 – 10 ft but you have be very careful with the edges of the pool wherein some tiles are broken it can cut your hand as it did mine. They don't have a beach front to walk from when you want a good pedicure for your feet and the only way to get to their marine sanctuary is to swim which scares us out when my friend spotted a jellyfish that causes to decide not to go to the sanctuary.

Overall the place will bore those travelers who are not into diving but will definitely cater the needs of those seeking for peace and solitude. It is now just a shadow of its former beautiful self. Some of the facilities is so evidently been slowly wasting away due to lack of maintenance. This is just one of those places I won't bother returning. It is still worth a visit!

You can reach Talima directly from the port beside Movepick Hotel in Mactan for a P15 fee 30 minute sea travel and when you reach the wharf of Olango Island again take a bumpy tricycle ride to get to this isolated resort.

VALUE 6/10 (For your P250 you'll get to use just the pool and the rather worn out cottages. I don't see a good value to that and they don't have WiFi.)
SERVICE 7/10 (The lady behind counter was warm enough in welcoming us and answers to our needs well. The food was even delivered in a short notice.)
CLEANLINESS 8/10 (The only advantage of the place so far is that it is maintained well. The pool's water is clear though you can really feel the chemicals use on it. I was impressed by the shower room I didn't expect it would be that big and clean though the water was a little slow.)
LOCATION 4/10 (Well... it is so isolated so getting there is grueling.)

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