Devil's Cave in Pagsanjan Falls Travel Guide

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the mighty Pagsanjan Watefall
Pagsanjan Falls has been an epitome of tourism in the Philippines way back when the Department of Tourism is still not formally established. As a kid Pagsanjan in grade school textbooks introduces me of how a majestic waterfall looks like *along with Maria Christina Falls* and a childhood dream nostalgia will forever accompany that waterfall for me. With the popularity and reputation that the Pagsanjan Falls receives in decades comes with a price, a rather expensive one if you want to experience her beauty. As a fellow traveler I would look like to present you with a cheaper alternative that goes straight to the Devil's Cave behind the majestic Pagsanjan Watefall that bypass the 30 minutes rapids ride.

The cave resembles a devil's face hence it is called Devil's Cave.
Normally a tourist who hasn't research the place normally goes for the town of Pagsanjan to experience the waterfall and it would make sense to do that. If you go to the town of Pagsanjan you will be presented with the 'Shooting the Rapid' option - a 30 minutes exhilarating boat ride in the muddy waters to reach the main waterfall which enshrines the Devil's Cave. Due to a lot preparations and skill for a boatman it would cost more - Php1350.00 each person exactly.

Breakdown of Expenses of 'Shooting the Rapids' Option
Php 920 - boat ride
Php 50 - life vest *mandatory for safety purposes*
Php 30 - seat cushion *it'll be a bumpy ride that's painful for your behind*
Php 250 - bamboo raft
Php 100 - boatman fee
Jesus statue guards and welcomes the travelers
If you're like me who prefers a value oriented trip then opt for the Pueblo El Salvador route through Cavinti Nature Park & Picnic Grove in barangay Tibatib / Anglas and it's just 20 - 30 minutes ride from Pagsanjan. The difference between the cost of the two is staggering I must warn you'll be doing a one kilometer trek to reach the top of the waterfall and rappel your way down. 

one hour trek to reach the rappeling area *top of Pagsanjan Falls*
wild flowers that guide your way
this beautiful multi-flow waterfall can only be seen if you choose to trek Cavinti Ecopark

Go down to rappel it gets dizzying with its height
Scared yet? you should be... hehee..
it's a long way down
Breakdown of Expenses at El Salvador Nature Park
Php 270 - trek to the falls and rapel fee
Php 150 - raft towards the waterfalls into Devil's Cave
Php 200 - boatman's tip (optional)
Php 300 - guides' tip (optional)

TIP! Go straight to Cavinti Nature Park and never negotiate in the firm that caters the 'Shooting the Rapids' coz they will charge you P700 each just by accompanying you to that place.

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