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Fudge Restaurant
Cebu is filled with lots of restaurants & pastry shops to choose from wherein new ones opens every now and then in the hopes of making your 'must-try' list. There are so many offerings and perks with each new opening from fancy locations to eye pooping innovations but there's just those that has found niche in the hearts of the people of the city and Fudge is one of the few. Fudge has an already well established stronghold and amass it's own audience it'd be so hard to kick it out of the top spot its savoring at the moment. Personal favorite by many that's the reputation that it holds and rightfully deserve. It is an oasis for the sweet tooth in Cebu and it never fails to deliver your sweet needs and expectations. Safe to say it's on the top of it's game and has potential to make it as a dessert center in Cebu. 

Sweet things in life.
Location: 888 A.S. Fortuna St. (beside BPI Banilad)
Our story begins when I pass by its location many times and the place is just calling out to me begging for a visit. I never really heard anything about this place so I decided to give it a try allured by its already sumptuous name and laid back ambiance. The moment I step inside it just has that feel at home atmosphere that welcomes you to its comfort and add the warm staff makes the experience itching for repeat visit. I was please with the experience I had that I did a little research when I got home and who would have thought that it's already quite famous and highly recommended by a lot of visitors filled with good reviews and praises.

They have good selections of big meals but they're more known in their comfort foods and desserts. One thing that really stand out most in this place for me is their effort and details added in each dish they serve to their visitors. They always make sure that it's pleasing to the eyes and even a slice of cake can get interesting when they serve it. It's a really good distinction that they can build up your appetite just a mere sight of their dishes. The photographer in me just couldn't get enough of taking shoots of each dish served and you just have that feeling that you don't want to eat it because you don't want to mess it's artistic presentation. Yep! it is that good and the price is justifiable in every way.

Army Navy Club House Sandwich - P190
Cheese makes me so happy so I was captivated by their Army Navy sandwich which was literally swimming in cheese. It is a club sandwich stuffed with lots of vegetables and and meat inside smothered with melted cheese in the outside. It is quite big enough for two diners for only P190 and I tell you every cent of that amount is worth it. It's going to get messy in eating it though because of its size and the cheese so I suggest to slice into four which also allow the cheese to reach its inner contents.

The experience in Fudge would never be complete without their famous desserts and I got gluttonous on that part that I ordered two of their best selling desserts. In my mind it's justifiable to do it because it'll be for a blog. This is one of the great things on blogging you can pretty much get away with anything if you do for your blog. One of my memorable sweet escape moment.

Lava Cake dripping Vanilla Ice Cream - P95
Lava Cake with vanilla ice cream on top was the first that they serve. It is basically a flourless chocolate cake served hot with some vanilla ice cream as topping. The vanilla does little to improve the taste of the already delicious lava cake but they do look delicious together especially when the vanilla ice cream starts to melt dripping all over the lava cake. It's priceless sight you wouldn't want to miss for only P95. It takes 25 minutes to serve this one.

Ultimate Combo layers of oreo crust, tiramisu, cheesecake & mango float - P110
The Ultimate Combo is by far the most delicious looking sight in all of their selections of desserts and the presentation is top notch for only P110. This is the complete cake package for all of you cake lover out there. It is a layer of of oreo crust, cheesecake, frozen mango float and tiramisu. I don't know how they do it but they did made it possible to combine all of that in  one irresistible decadence.

The place did make a lasting impression on me and I'm still getting started to experience it's amny delightful delicacies. Unique selections of food combined with a laid back ambiance makes it a great place to be in days when you're little down with the sweet things life. Definitely one of the best dessert chain in town!

 Contact # (032) 4161727
Monday - Thursday opens 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
Friday - Saturday opens 10:00 am - 12:00 md
Sunday open 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

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  1. sarap namn .. nakakgutom yung photos mo

  2. Thanks for dropping by. You should try the place there's more delicious food that I still have to cover. I will update this blog as soon as I can taste them.

  3. ultimate dishes i have ever seen!!

  4. Exactly!! And very delicious too with a reasonable price.


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