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In the heart of the city of the gentle people lies a pastry shop that's synonymous to the famous dessert - Silvanas and their trademark cake Sans Rival Cake. The desserts are very well known all throughout the neighboring cities in both Visayas and Mindanao. It's a perfect pasalubong for those visiting the capital city of Negros Oriental. They started this small bakeshop business since 1977 by Trinidad “Tita Trining” Teves-Sagarbarria and has now become an icon in Dumaguete. So if you're one of those majority who thinks these are the only desserts they're producing then think again... You will get a glimpse of the equally delicious dessert collections of Sans Rival if you visit the place or fully read this blog. I tell you it will be worth it and it will prep your appetite. 

UPDATE 05/16/2016 : Sans Rival is now available in Cebu's newly opened Robinson's Galleria.
House Specialty
LOCATION: San Jose St, Rizal Boulevard Dumaguete City 

The main branch is just a couple steps walk from the scenic Rizal boulevard. It is quite known in the city so all pedicab drivers won't have trouble in bringing you to the place. They also have a small branch in Robinson mall in the ground level near the entrance / exit.

When I drop by in Dumaguete last weekend this has always been on the top of my t0-do list within the city and when I arrive there I knew I have to try their other desserts besides Silvanas as part of my Sweet Escape dessert trips.

Famous Trademark
The pastry shop is small enough so as not to overwhelm your senses and I guess they're aiming to market a cute reputation with their blue flower themed cafe. The cuteness they're trying to market works quite well with me and really add interest to passerby's in venturing the inside of the pastry shop. The place is not only a dessert and cake central but also serves as the main pasalubong center in the city for visitors, coffee shop for the coffee slurping generations and they also serve as restaurant that serve that cater all three types of meals.

When I finally ventured I was a bit disappointed to see that they don't have unique desserts besides Sylvanas. Sylvanas was not even on display and you have to ask the counter to validate its availability. Maybe I was just used to the wide arrays of selections of unique tantalizers in the dessert shops in the big city in short I was not impressed at all in my first impression of the dessert shop. One thing that they can brag though is there great selections of cakes. 

Be back for this!
In my selection I was torn between two cakes that caught my attention - the Tres Leches Cake & Salted Caramel Cheesecake. In the end the price was my determining factor so I choose the more pricey Php110 per slice of Salted Caramel Cheesecake than the Php50 per slice price of the latter. I know the price doesn't always guarantee which is more better tasty and it just so happen that I'm a sucker for desserts with cheese on it so that's why it was so hard to pass on the cheesecake. The Salted Caramel Cheesecake is the newest addition of their collections of great pastries.

Newest Cake addition
Now unto the cake! The presentation when they serve it to me fails big time. It lacks everything in that criteria given its price they could have added a little flare upon serving it to wipe up my appetite by the sight of it but instead they slice the cake and serve it as plain as possible. Who does that in a restaurant? It's a good thing the taste compensate best to redeem it from utter failure. The outer crust of the cake is where the caramel is concentrated and the consistency of the cheese inside is just right to remind you that you're savoring a cheesecake. Coffee lovers will feel at home and most definitely will love it. Just imagine your favorite caramel frappe turns into a cheesecake that you can chew. The salt neutralizes the sweetness of the caramel to sustain your appetite for greater dose of the cake. The sticky sweetness of the caramel, with savory undertones making it deeply addictive and even til now the taste still lingers. I can highly recommend this besides their famous well established Silvanas and Sans Rival.
Never forget to bring home one.

Sans Rival Main
#3 Monday San Jose St., Dumaguete City
Contact No: (035)225-4440/(035)225-4393
Hours of Operation: Monday to Sunday (9am to 7pm)

Sans Rival Branch
Ground Floor Robinson’s Place Dumaguete
Dumaguete Business Park and IT Plaza, Barangay Calindagan, Dumaguete City
Contact No: (035)226-3506
Hours of Operation: Monday to Sunday (10am to 8pm)

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