ZUBUCHON taste world's best lechon.

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Cebu is well known for lots of things namely it's beautiful beaches and world class resorts and the sinfully delicious pinoy delicacy - lechon (roasted pig) and the best place to satisfy that lechon is nowhere else but in Zubuchun. So, what makes this place so special? For one, Anthony Bourdain, acclaimed food critic and host of No Reservations, gave it the distinction of being the world’s best whole roasted pig. The restaurant is purely cebuano in so many ways and serve not only lechon but also other cebuano delicacies as well. The name of the chain itself came from a join of ZUBU 'sugbo' is a local name for Cebu and CHON is the second syllable of the word 'lechon'. What makes this restaurant stand out from all others is that they're constantly trying to come up with ways on how to serve lechon in different flavors and presentation.

their cute table cover
SERVICE: lots of crew to meet your needs, takes awhile to serve the food
SETTING: they go for a simple bright white theme, fully airconditioned with WiFi
MUST HAVES: Boneless Belly, Zubuchon *specialty*, Pritchon, Saguyon, Kamias Shake
COST: a bit pricey

Almost all of their chain all over Cebu has a problem with space *I heard their latest newly constructed branch in Escario will address this* Expect to be rubbing off chairs with other diners within the restaurant. One important thing to remind yourself is that you didn't come here to experience the place but the food and they succeed to deliver in that criteria. They go for a well lit white minimalistic theme that's pleasant for the eye. You'll see beautifully positioned frames of their famous dishes.to kick start your appetite.
Special Tinola with Buco Juice
Now on to the food. Best to get in appetizer is the tinolang manok with buco juice that is literally within a neatfully served coconut fruit. The soup is so good when mixed with the buco juice and I'd say that it's a really good combination that thye come with for a tinola. 

SAGUYON - a very rare delicacy

Another personal favorite appetizer is 'SAGUYON' it's like french fries made of rare tiny freshwater fish netted and dried called miniscule *world's smallest vertebrae that can be found in Lake Mainit* sun dried and crispy fried served with home made bagoong. I'm not fond of seafoods but this one really caught by surprise of its distinct taste that will definitely kick start your appetite. It will definitely leave a lasting impression on your taste bud.

Regular Lechon

For the main meal. It would only make sense to try what you came here for - lechon and they give you good options for that. They have lots of choices in lechon to choose from and all are highly recommendable especially the boneless belly but still my personal favorite will have to be spicy lechon that adds a burning taste to your taste buds. The best pair for this kind of meal is the KAMIAS SHAKE. Kamias *sorrel / cucumber tree* is local fruit with a sour taste. The sourness flavor of the shake compliments well with the lechon and somehow heightens the flavor of the delicacy that adds a tangy taste on it just as what the red wine does to a meat.

Spicy Lechon
Foremost, Zubuchon’s pigs are not from commercial piggeries but are hand-picked from pigs raised in the backyards of certain individuals. They do not use MSG or commercial mixes for flavor. Instead, they use organic ingredients, including olive oil, local sea salt, homegrown lemongrass, peppers, green onions, and other herbs and spices. Zubuchon follows the old-fashioned way of roasting pig. The pig is accupunctured and cooked manually. The pigs are staked on bamboo poles and roasted over charcoal. Compared to oven-cooked pigs or those roasted using mechanical systems, one would notice that meat roasted over charcoal usually tastes better and richer in flavor
Now for the final part of the meal - dessert. This is the one part they don't succeed so well. There's not a lot of good dessert to choose from and I think there's only four choices in their menu. It's great to know that all desserts are originally filipino delicacies that's altered in some way to fit in today's taste. I would recommend to try - TURON DULCE DE LECHE. It's a fried banana wrapped in wheat 'turon' with a leche flan to sweeten it up more instead of the regular brown sugar.

Kamias Shake aka Iba Shake

Zubuchon has been vying for the position as the top lechon specializing restaurant in Cebu and it still might not fair well for now in popularity compared to some already established names lechon chains but it does stand out most in giving us choices on what different ways we wnat our lechon to be. For that it has found a niche in hearts of every visitor who got a taste of their lechons.

Branches around Metro Cebu:
  •  Mactan International Airport Pre-Departure: (032)340-2486 local 3304
  • Escario Bldg, Escario St.: (032)583-5699
  • Capitol Site: (032)254-7342 or (0917)627-4761
  • One Mango Avenue Bldg: (032)239-5697
  • small stall in Banilad Town Center that opens on Sundays 10am to 1am 
  • newly opened Escario Branch so far the biggest!

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