Finest Waterfall in Cebu - Mantayupan Falls

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Hidden in the mountains of Barili is the most scenic waterfall that I have ever seen exist. It simply has all of the necessary elements that makes a waterfall perfect. In her towering height that kisses the sky is a testimony of her grandiose beauty and the lush green vegetation and wild orchids endemic to the place that surrounds her even more exotic. It is one of the remaining virgin waterfalls in the country that haven't been fully modified or abuse by our kind for our own comfort. What I adore most is the triple flow waterfall on the first level that remained as my highly praise work of photography that I posted two years ago on some photography site ( If ever you want some intimate moment with a waterfall who has enthralling exotic beauty then give this place a visit. It will be worth every penny you'll spend and the best part is it won't cost you much.

TRAVEL TIME FROM CEBU CITY : 1.5 hrs ( to be exact as my timer says 104:22:30)
TABLE & CHAIRS RENT FEE : Php150( $3.61 USD )
PARKING FEE : Php20 - $0.48 ( four wheels ) P10 - $0.24 ( two wheels )

Ever since I start blogging a few months ago this has been at the back of my mind to come back here and cover it's ethereal beauty and introduce it to the world. This is one of the few waterfall that really made an impression on me. At first sight you would definitely say 'now this is how a waterfall should be' and what makes it even more inviting is its accessibility and affordability. It's just less than 30 minutes drive from the town proper of Barili for only P20 and less than 15 minutes trek then you would be greeted with its beauty. It's back draft is a lush jungle complete with all the wild orchids that's out of reach from human hands hanging in the wall of the waterfall and the plants that surrounds you will really make you feel like you're in some deep forest somewhere. Yes it is that deceiving when you're completely immersed of the whole experience.

It has two levels. The first level is composed of triple flow waterfall with a height of 14 meters ( 45 ft ) that drops into a calm swampy greenish water below that's quite odd for a waterfall water to be that calm. This is nature at its finest and I have never seen anything like it. It's so picturesque in every definition of that word. The lush green vegetation that surrounds the waterfall combined with the calm green water below make up for a complete visual ecstasy. It's must to try the body massage with the waterfall's water on this level. It'll make the trip already worth it even at this stage.

Waterfall Body Massage, priceless!
To be behind a waterfall is an different experience.
Cross this bridge to get to the next waterfall
The excitement builds up most here!
The second level is where the main waterfall is housed towering in a height of 98 meters ( 321 ft ) it is pure nature splendor. It will put you in the right place in the world and realize you are just a tiny speck in this huge world and how wonderful our Creator is. You could rent some tables & chairs in here if you bought some stuff with you. What's great about it is that you can place your table anywhere you like even in the shallow water. You can swim and get really near the waterfall without having that fear of drowning and much effort to swim because there's a rope that they conveniently tied near the waterfall. Try sitting on a huge rock facing the waterfall the close your eyes then mute all sounds around you except the roaring sound of the waterfall with the unique water filled air then I guarantee that it will put your mind and spirit at ease.    
See the rope!
Life Jacket costs only P10
this cost only P150
my two really healthy younger bros hehee...
Bisdak Explorer with my younger bros

If you had enough with the waterfall there's actually lots of other activities to choose from: 
  • Go spelunking with their short course lots of crawling Ambakan Cave.
  • Visit their wildlife & bird sanctuary and see the main source of the water above the waterfall along the way.
  • Pool dipping if the waterfall water is not your trip.
  • Go fishing with the Tilapia breeding pond and let them cook it for a good meal just 10 minutes trek outside.
  • Horse back riding if you get curious for only Php50.
Pool fee - P20
Fishing Rod costs P20
Horseback Riding costs P50
I think it's time for you reading this blog to get intimate with nature and just bathe on her glorious beauty. The fresh mountain water will refresh you in any many ways you never thought possible and it's time to try that natural waterfall full body massage that only our Creator can offer. Get out from the chaotic life in the city and rediscover the wondrous feeling that only mother nature can give you. It's better to come here really early in the morning to have the waterfall all by yourself and redefine your experience more. Go try Mantayupan Waterfall in Barili!


Head over to SOUTH BUS TERMINAL *near E-Mall* ---> take the bus with BARILI / BADIAN sign -- 1.5 hrs travel --> arrival in BARILI BUS TERMINAL *keyword here is SHAMROCK pasalubong center* you can find lots of habal-habal there to take you to the waterfall for only P20 -- 10 - 20 mins travel time --> MANTAYUPAN WATERFALL entrance fee P10!


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  1. Is the walk to the falls safe for 4yo city kids? Also, is the horseback riding just near the falls? Thank u!

  2. The way is not dangerous because it was carefully railed but you must do your part also to keep watch on the kids as you go up to the falls because it's quite high to walk and it is very important to keep your eyes on the all the time while in the falls. There's so many places that could get dangerous with carelessness. fishing and horse back riding is just a 5 minute walk outside the waterfalls. Hope that helps.


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