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In cold lonely nights when your taste buds is craving for some sweetness in life then this is the place to be for you. Sitting atop Nivel Hills *near Marco Polo* is the best nighttime patisseries in the city. Dolce Cafe specializes in sweets, light bites and coffee and they actually have some grilled meals too. The modern chic design is ideal for picture whoring with friends. What sets it apart from other competing bistro is the sight of beautiful city light it beholds that can your mind at ease.
literally an Eye Candy!
LOCATION: Panorama Heights Nivel Hills, Lahug Cebu
CONTACT: (032) 231-3973
OPERATING HOURS : 7am - 12midnight

I randomly visit this place on any given weekend when my mind need some stretching and relaxation. The flickering city light has some therapeutic effect on me plus the desserts always seals my nightly sugar fix. It was until I visit with my brothers that I decided to feature it on my blog.

It's hard to miss the place that stands as the bright light at night in that dark gloomy hilltop and conveniently located right after Bellini. Great place for some time alone, chill out with your buddies and Cebu visitors will surely love this place.
You need not to worry about the price no matter posh toned the place is the price is the complete opposite with light bites and regular cost less than a hundred and ice coffee blends are all worth only P130. Personal favorites are Bubbly Blueberry and Strawberry Caramelo. There's just so much blends to choose from and all of them are equally great that caters everyone's taste for food like No Sin Apple Oats, Raspberry Roar, Mint Banananza, Outrageous Oreo and more!
Desserts makes me so happy.
Now on the very reason why you visit the place - desserts *best part of the meal* I admit I haven't tried all of them but I will recommend those that stand out from me and the people I'm with.

Velvet Blueberry Cheesecake costs P110. I'm a sucker on everything that has berry and cheese on it and I was drooling the first time I laid eyes on it. It is very finely made cheesecake coated with strawberry jam in the exterior with blue berry jam on the inside topped with chocolate stick. I love the finesse of the cheesecake and it was literally gone in an  instant. 

Oreo Brazo costs P110. A combination of two popular names makes for a rather unique cake in your palate. Brazo de Mercedes lined up on the bottom with Oreo spreads in the middle the topped with the egg yolk meringue as topping will make for an awesome dessert. My youngest brother pick this and he usually has the best taste in food in all three of us.           

Choco Triffle costs P100. It's composed of layers of chocolate mousse and some chocolate crumbs then a chocolate syrup to complete it. My second brother ordered this.

Smores Cake costs P150. It is a belgian lava cake with marshmallows on top and has a really tasty paste in the middle. I don't know what other ingredients they put it in but it has an unforgettable taste. The softness of the mallows complements well with the sweetness of the lava cake. This is the first ever dessert that I've tasted in Dolce back when I still haven't established my blog and this is what makes me a regular fan here.

The known best sellers are buttercakes (classic, mango, ube) with mango as the crowd favorite all costs only P80.

If you're not into desserts they have other sumptuous options too like their blueberry and peach danish, burgers & sandwiches, salads and some full time meals with rice that has some rather weird names like Chick In' , D'Chop, Belly Flop, Fish Cobango, Rack 'Em, Bavarian Cheese and so on. Prices ranges from P220 as the most expensive one.

Dolce really stands out in so many ways from all other bistros in the city. They have established themes  on their own. Beautiful city light scenery, good food, succulent desserts with coffee in varying blends to satisfy your caffeine needs. If those do not pique your interest then I do not know what will. Give the place a visit to rate it yourself!

How to get here? It's easy if you have a car but it'll cost you to ride a cab / taxi and a jeepney 17b you will have to walk.

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