Lantaw Native Floating Restaurant review

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Floating in the southwest part of Mactan island is an asian restaurant that serves the best seafood in this region with the best value for your money and an ambiance that caters to the romantic side of everyone. Lantaw is visayan word for 'to see the view' and this is where the restaurant focus its reach. When I say the best I already take into consideration the cost of the menu and its palatable factor. Their delectable cuisine is served with an added flare of its romantic ambiance and rousing seaside scenery that will put your mind at ease and prepare your appetite. The best time to give the place a visit is during when darkness sets in and place will brought into life with the soothing torchlight environment under a starry night sky. The only weakness I could about is it's accessibility and distance from the city but its isolation means solitary time with your love ones away from the hustles in the big city. The large number of customers during weekends is the testimony of its good reputation. Read my in depth review if you are still skeptical on visiting the place.

Gateway to the Floating Restaurant
Location: Small Dock, Barangay Day-as Baybayon Cordova, Mactan 
Contact: (032) 514 2959
Operating Hours: 10am to 10pm, extends till 12midnight on weekends
Service: courteous & attentive crew, quick even with the considerable amount of customers
Setting: romantic ambiance, privacy is ensured with the dim light, lacks a good music 
Must Haves: Spicy Scallops, Cordova Express, Garlic Buttered Prawns, Baked Scallops
Cost: good value for your money they have justifiable price i.e. spicy scallops costs only P146

It was late afternoon and a close friend wanted to treat us for a seafood dinner for her birthday. The first thing that came into my mind is the hyped up restaurant that is a hot topic by my coworkers. They always say that the place got great view and food. I didn't know what to expect when we head there because I did not research the place at all. The only information I have is it's name and it's location - Cordova. I give kudos to the Google Map to lead us to the place with its 'Get Directions' it will literally give you a trail on the map on what road to follow to get us to the destination in the shortest way possible. 

We got their pass 7pm with an estimated travel time of an hour and more from Cebu covered 18km. The first that greet us is the seaside marine stench that will prep your mind that you will be there for the seafood. Don't listen to the parking lady in the entrance saying that thye parking space is full inside because in our case it was still actually spacious inside when she said it was full. 

The entrance to the floating restaurant was brought to life at night with the lights trails that guide you in the bridge with the darkness as the back draft. The restaurant is rather huge that makes you forget that you are above the sea. One important reminder is to book for reservation before heading to the place because it is swarming with people when we got there. We have to wait for 30 minutes in the waiting lounge to get our own table. Just enough time to satisfy our picture whoring mood.

When we got there we were lead to an open area with a torch light setting with the blanket of stars above us and a refreshing sea breeze for our senses. It was really beautiful most especially at night. I never expected that it would be that good that's probably part of why I was amaze because I never open up my expectation.


The crew is probably properly trained about hospitality because they were really warm in the whole time we were there. They show eagerness to really serve in any way that they can. And they don't slack off in serving your food in a justifiable time given the increasing numbers of customers that they have to attend to. The customer service works out for me the only downside is when a crew barge in to clean out our table interrupting the momentum of our elder sharing lessons about in the second time I got there. Talk about manners but that's a minor downside and I must add that they serenade birthday celebrants with a good ol' birthday song.


A torchlight dinner under a blanket of stars and a refreshing sea breeze will momentarily take all your problems and that is what they offer while dining there. If you don't fancy this kind of setting then you have an option to stay well light bungalow close to the counter but I wouldn't  recommend it because it can get congested with the smoke, smell of different food and all.

You will lost track of time with the beauty of the place and their super fresh breeze is the perfect replacement from the pollutants of the city. This is the purpose of the distance to give you this kind of comfort because you cannot get this kind of solace near the city. The funny thing I had there is that when I was treated with with a comfortable decibel of a plane flying above us and a siren of a cargo ship on a distance. Overall it was a unique experience for me I guess I could compare it with a dinner on a yacht though I haven't experienced one.

this comfy VIP area is free if your bill reaches P5000
Must Haves.

They have wide arrays of native Filipino food to choose from that will cater each one's taste. For those with adventurous palate who want to try something new or those who just want a delicious version of the food that they're already used to. I must warn that this is a seafood restaurant so expect most of their menus are mostly composed of seafood but they do serve non-seafood native food in a minority like Humba, Crispy Pata, Lechon Kawali etc.

Spicy Scallops for only P148
The menu has lots of good food to choose from so I would just break down the dishes I will feature to some few favorites. No matter I will probably be back to that restaurant I would still be ordering Spicy Scallops. The flavor just play so well in my palate and I can highly recommend it for everyone. This is one of their signature dish that must never be missed.

Cordova Express for only P145
To that in mind I must add the equally sumptuous Cordova Express and the Garlic Buttered Prawns in which the invertebrate has already been skinned for your convenience. For those who want something exotic then try their eel delicacy called Bakasi deep fried that really a weird taste but in a good way. I heard the Baked Scallops is a crowd favorite too.

Bakasi for only P130
Garlic Buttered Prawns for only P180
One major downside for me in their menu is the lack of good dessert. They only have 3 to choose from and it did not satisfy my sweet tooth at all. Bibingka Cake ala Mode which sounds delicious taste so bland even though the native chocolate used complements well with the blandness of the bibingka and the ice cream topped on the bibingka cannot save the dessert from it's blandness. The other two desserts are Lantaw Halo Halo and Banana Turon. Don't expect much a satisfying sweet escape here because it's nativeness disappoints.

Bibingka cake for only P70
I could say that this is one of the must try seafood restaurant when you are here in Cebu. The next time I hear seafood will readily poop out in my mind and recommend this place in a go. The seafood enthusiast will adore this place and to those who are not so fond of the delicacies from the sea will learn to appreciate like I did. The setting complement so well with the food they are serving and all of their menu are assured from a native Filipino origin. If your palate is not so kind with native seafood then think twice of heading here but I assure that they good food here with a justifiable price and the relaxing setting is already an added treat.       

+ beautiful setting
+ good value for their food
- lacks a good music
- accessibility

 Getting there! Most convenient if you have a private vehicle but if you don't have one commuting is not that hard. 
Commuting Guide : Go to SM --> ride a V-Hire bound for Cordova for Php35 --> Lots of small transportation means in Cordova like sikad, habal-habal etc. that will take you to the floating restaurant fpr Php15.

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