The Port Restaurant Review : Fresh New Look!

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Sailing towards satisfying your gastronomic needs is a harbor that reinvent itself to make our buffet experience even more pleasurable. Th reinvention was opened to the public on the 28th of September with a better ambiance and new dishes added to an already overflowing sumptuous menu with the same old price *with a slight increase in lunch rate* The new design aims for a minimalistic all white approach with some blue accents. Aiming for variety the Port of Call feature was introduced that change the overall theme each month depending on the country they're featuring *America for this month of November* with an added flare to the interior design and some unique dishes available only on the given month. Roasted chicken for lunch and roasted calf for dinner are the new comers added to an existing 40 dishes to chose from. Those are some really nifty stuff let's see how it fare to our in depth review.

Go straight then head right
Location: Below PAGCOR, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino, Lahug Cebu 6000
Contact: 231-7441, 561-6078, 0917-7077678
Operating Hours: Lunch ( 11am – 2:30pm) Dinner (6pm – 9:30pm) Late Night (10pm - 2am)
Service: hospitable, attentive staff
Setting: Minimalist, All white themed interior with some blue accents
Must Haves: Special Port of Call dish for the month, Roasted Calf, Chicken Pandan, Crablets, Sizzling Bangus, Buko Pandan, Biko
Cost: Lunch buffet costs Php229+, Dinner buffet costs Php299+, Late night buffet costs Php149+
What it looks outside
Due to the newly appointed operations manager Evangeline Hayco the restaurant undergo some minor tweaks in its interior design under the supervision of Arch. Tessie Javier aiming for a trendier motif. An american theme was integrated for this month of November and Poland will be the subject for the coming month of December.

It's hard to rate this on buffet serve yourself resto :D
The staff now dress up depending on the Port of Call theme for the month carrying a smile on their face if you approach them for inquiries. Waiters inside can be a little busy due to the overwhelming surge of customers so as not to be able to check on your needs every now and then but they're very attentive once you asked them. Water bearers are quick to recognize that you need some water filling.
The interior design evokes simplicity that's easy to the eye with a white themed interior. The furniture plays well with the motif with some low back chairs that lines perfectly with the table giving an unhinged view throughout the whole room. My only complain is the blue lighting used as much as I adore that kind of lighting but I don't think it's appropriate for a restaurant. It limits the appeal of the food because it restricts its color to captivate our eyes. They should have prompted for a well lit approach because they're aim for a cozier ambiance leads them to look more like a night club than a restaurant. Candlelight or torchlight are the only ones who gets away well with those dim approach in restaurants because it feels more natural.
Buffet Choice
Since this is an eat-all-you-can buffet restaurant I wouldn't limit your taste bud to some chosen dishes I would highly suggest you try them all to get your money's worth. They're claiming to currently have 40+ dishes served consists of appetizers, salads, main courses, desserts, soup, rice and more! That is a lot of dishes to pig out from however I would suggest you would come in early because they don't usually fill in the top dishes and you'll miss them if you're late most especially the dish of the month. The presentation is okay they divided it well into categories instead of mixing them all up in one place but it wouldn't hurt if they added a little flare to like say a flower, statue etc. Palate wise the dishes are good, nothing really provides excitement to my tastebuds but it was cooked well. I especially loved the roasted turkey dish for this month too bad nothing much left when we got there. I always have a thing for desserts and they fail for me in that category. Not even a single cake in the menu and their soft ice cream was so limited that we weren't able to eat any. The roasted calf was gone too when we got there and it was only 7pm. Now that I think of it they're food was so-so but there's a lot of options to chose from though.
Skin & bone. Far too late for the Turkey : (
The cost was just appropriate for its classy setting and the variety of food served. Lunch rate is a little cheaper compared to dinner's rate but I would suggest you come during dinner they have a better menu in that buffet. And the late night though I haven't tried it yet but I heard it's not that worth it and some friends even joke that they're leftovers for the day.
This is not an american restaurant it's just the Port of Call theme for this month.
If you're looking for an affordable buffet feast to crash in with friends to celebrate something then you must consider The Port with its night club-ish ambiance that would surely cater a cozy time with friends. It's a great place to take group pictures with friends too with its blue lighting surely makes the picture more interesting. The food are not that delicious *few feels bland* but the variety to chose from makes up for it. And their dish for the month is always something to watch out for. The location is perfect for a short stroll in IT Park to digest those food and shop a tiange priced goodies on Midnight Market given that it is open.

Happy Birthday to my dearest bunso and thanks to my mother for the sponsor of this pig out with my brothers.

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