General Santos Airport - Lake Sebu Itinerary

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Lake Sebu is not just the lake but also the name of the municipality which holds the lake and the other two lakes - Lake Lahit & Lake Sihoton. It is now regarded as the summer capital of Southern Cotabato due to the cool air that envelops the whole municipality and is home of the most colorful tribes of the Philippines - the T'boli. It is slowly making a name for itself not just locally but also internationally due to the adventure experience that awaits of its spectacular 7 Waterfalls. The banks of the lake is swarming with resorts too and Punta Isla Lake Resort is the most widely known because of its Floating Restaurant that specializes on tilapia dishes. It is a long trip on getting there from General Santos but is a well paved road to traverse. Continue ahead for the itinerary to conveniently plan your trip on the time and cost to get there.

Due to the regular mood swing of the CebuPac airline my flight was moved one day from the expected schedule *thereby cutting my trip one day* and they did notify me a month before the scheduled flight through email and text. It was Friday afternoon when I arrive in the General Santos airport and my college friend who invited me in Davao was very vague on her itinerary that she was already in Samal island when we are supposed to navigate Davao together so I end up cancelling that trip which opts me to visit Lake Sebu right away when I arrived. 
Getting to General Santos city from the airport is actually quite difficult and will cost you not only a lot of time *30 minutes or more* but also money because only taxi regularly go there *costs P300+* though there's some shuttle van that involves you waiting a long time because there is no regular trip for this. Luckily God has been so kind to to provide me a good Samaritan by the name of Danica who gives me a free ride through her funny boss Sherwin and his other buddy. I prompt to go straight to Bulaong Bus Terminal to save time and reserve lunch when I get to the Punta Isla resort. A big thanks to Danica and Sherwin for their hospitality!

I arrive in Bulaong Terminal at 1:05pm and it did not take long for the bus to depart for Marbel. For over an hour trip which costs P65 by Yellow Bus Line I arrive in Marbel Terminal at 2:30pm. Marbel is actually a city and many of the municipalities surrounding that area prefers that city for recreational purposes over GenSan that causes a long line in getting to the bus for Surallah. The long line just keeps going even when my bus departed Marbel for Surallah at around 2:50pm. It would take half an hour to reach Surallah from Marbel for P24 and upon arriving in Surallah you will have to transfer to either a jeepney or a van bound for Lake Sebu which costs the same P25 according to the jeepney inspector. A van would be more convenient and fast but unfortunately only the jeepney was available at that time.

It was already pass 4:30pm that I arrived in Lake Sebu which really surprises me that the travel time took that long *almost an hour* . A habal habal ride for P10 takes me to Punta Isla resort. It was pass 5pm that I arrive in the resort feeling so tired and dizzy from the long trip and starving too. The resort was discharging waste when I got there so I was unfortunately welcomed with a super foul stench of garbage and so long for the fresh air. It felt it stick for quite long in the resort. Good thing the resort was able to facilitate my checking in faster and was able to rest in a short time. I was able to my lunch and dinner in one at almost 6pm.


Arrival in General Santos airport: 12:25pm
12:40pm - 1:00pm : GenSan airport to Bulaong Bus Terminal via private vehicle
ETT: 30 mins
Expenses: P300+ for taxi, P150 for shuttle van
1:20pm - 2:30pm : GenSan (Bulaong Bus Terimnal) to Marbel (Bus Terminal) via bus
ETT: 1hr 30 mins
Expenses: P65 by Yellow Bus Line
2:50pm - 3:20pm : Marbel ( Bus Terminal ) to Surallah ( Bus Terimal) via bus
ETT: 30 mins
Expenses: P24
3:50pm - 4:30pm : Surallah to Lake Sebu (town proper) via jeepney
ETT: 45 mins
Expenses: P25
4:45pm - 5:00pm : Lake Sebu (town proper) to Punta Isla Resort via habal habal
ETT: 10 mins
Expenses: P10
Overnight stay: P550
Tilapora: 199 good for 3
Buco Pandan Shake: P60
Water: P15
WiFi: P100

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