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A cafe with humble beginnings on a small space around Cebu Doctor's Hospital is slowly making its mark in the established bistros in the city. Founded a decade ago by Hendri Go. East,West name is base on an anthology of short stories by Salman Rushdie released on 1994 and the inspiration of the story was believed to be Rushdie's experience as an immigrant in England. And that estrangement theme is what the cafe is seeking to resolve by providing sanctuary for travelers visiting Cebu. Mr. Go's fascination with travels and love for the cultures around the world is a big factor in the central theme of the cafe. A casual dining with friends to taste one of Cebu's best crepes and be serenaded with world's music would make for a memorable night for everyone.
LOCATION: The Walk, IT Park Salinas Drive Lahug Cebu Philippines 6000
CONTACT: (032) 415 8058
EMAIL: hendrison.go@gmail.com
Operating Hours: 11:00am - 2:00am ( Monday to Saturday) 11:00am - 12:00pm (Sunday)
Payment Option: Cash, Visa, MasterCard
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/eastwestcafe
Twitter: @cebueastwest
the Early Birds
Thanks to Hendri Go's generosity through Doi I was able to try their sumptuous menu. I have always been a fan of the sweet things in life and their assortment of desserts is definitely worth a try. I have never enjoyed a deluge of desserts such as this one in my life shared with good folks.
Start your appetite with Mango Crabstick Salad.
Then on to the main menu with either the signature meal East West Pork Chop and Mango Citrus Chicken.  

And add some light servings of Garlic Cream and Sausage Pasta or Spaghetti Meat Sauce.
Mango Citrus Chicken with Spaghetti Meat Sauce
Now unto the best part of a meal to finally wrap up your food indulgence with the must try crepes in town.

Here are the desserts in order of my palate's liking.
 #1 MANGO SUSHI (bestseller dessert)

So if you're a traveler in Cebu then give this place a visit to share some good o' travel stories with the owner and taste what only Cebu can offer. If you're a local all the more that you must try this place after a good night out with friends and you get privacy in their 2nd floor. Just as the name implies the cafe blends the culture of the east and west to serve your palate needs of the two. T-Shirts is sold on the cafe as sign of the very personalized motif of the cafe along with sayings on the wall and theaters shows produced by the owner.   

Thanks a lot Hendri Go for hosting our Sinulog Meetups the Filipino Travel Bloggers community appreciate it a lot. And this will never be possible without Doi Domasian's effort & hardwork to organize all of this. I have so much fun in meeting you all! Til next time...

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  1. Mango sushi for the win! I so love this place jud! Also discovered that Bananas and salted caramel tastes yummy too :)


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