Punta Isla Lake Resort Review

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Lake Sebu is now renowned as the rising summer capital in Mindanao due to its shivery mountainous atmosphere reminiscent of Baguio and the many activities that the tourist can indulge themselves in 7 Falls. The peaceful municipality is gifted with three beautiful lakes and Lake Sebu happens to be the biggest of them all thus where they name the place from. Understandably resorts are growing like mushrooms down in the banks of the lake. Punta Isla is famous on the people in the area as being the top of all resorts to provide you with your needs in your stay in Lake Sebu and for this reputation let us see howit fares on my review of the overnight stay I had there.

Location: Lake Sebu, Southern Cotabato, Philippines
Contact: (083)238-8503, 09052895134
Email:reservations.puntaisla@yahoo.com / reservations.puntaisla@gmail.com
Webpage: www.puntaislaresort.com
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/pages/PUNTA-ISLA-LAKE-RESORT

Cleanliness: Well maintained in their lobby and restaurant but dusty in their T'Boli rooms.

Location: It has the best location overlooking the lake and the biggest resort in the area so far.

Rooms: T'Boli rooms are dusty, old, creepy and will give you sleepless night due to its dirty interior and the bathroom is the worst part.

Service: Courteous and warm but takes too long to attend to your needs, has room service. No 24 hrs service in low season and all attendants go home pass 8pm.

Value: Rooms are a bit expensive given its lack of amenities. WiFi costs additional Php100 and so limited in their hotspots *only in the lobby none in the rooms*

Food: The variety of tilapia dishes will cater to your tilapia craving and at the end of your stay you will most likely have enough of it due to lack of other dish besides tilapia. They are inexpensive for group meals but pricey when you are alone because they seriously have no option for a single person *it's just stupid that they still haven't made any action on this eevn with the surge of complaints*

Random Trip Advisor user reviews.    

But what some people call the best resort at Lake Sebu is really not to my taste.I stayed there only 2 nights and that was enough. The resort has a wonderful garden with a spectacular view on the lake, but the rest is not really what you would want to recommend your best friends. Saw a few resorts around the lake and think there is a lot to be done to make Lake Sebu a more successful tourist destination. I will be back in Lake Sebu but not in Punta Isla. by sleep00walker

This is supposed to be the best hotel in Lake Sebu so we booked two nights here. It has a good location - beside the lake but the rooms need improvement fast! Food in the restaurant was good, but how come the servings are always good for four persons? I am sure there are other better hotel options in Lake Sebu. Definitely, I would not stay here again. Look at the rooms before you check-in. by rickydmd888

Perfect for a group of packpackers. The room size was just okay to accommodate all of us plus our luggage. The complimentary breakfast was good. We also had lunch and their tiapia dishes were superb. by melodymedley

Punta Isla is one of the nicest resorts at Lake Sebu. The lake gives a serene and relaxing experience too. The lake boating was lovely, especially if you are with your sweetheart, cruising the lake. It was fun at Punta Isla. They also have foods served at minimal cost. by slazenger552    
The only justifiable pricing on the whole resort - the entrance fee.
It was a long trip from General Santos and I got there pass 5pm. Tired and very hungry the resort is a sanctuary at that time to fulfill those needs. I already have a vivid picture in my mind of what the resort looks like and the pampering I will experience on my stay there. It was such a solitary palce and I was preparing my lungs to inhale the fresh countryside air but unfortunately they were taking out the garbage in the resort just in time of my arrival. And so the foul & rancid smell spoils the first impression for me. And first impression really do last.
the hospitable T'Boli attendant
If you search for some solitary moment with nothing but just the nature with you then the place is most ideal but if you're the fun loving type then the place will drive you mad with it's deafening silence. Nothing best define 'getaway' than this place.

Beautiful garden overlooking the lake
the T'Boli statue in the lobby always creeps me 
The moment I step into the resort's lobby I knew it is going to be one solitary stay. Before the staff ushered me to my room they informed me that it is best to order my dinner and other needs before I rest because when the clock strikes 8pm they will all be going home. Just as I wanted I pretty much have resort all to myself that night and I only noticed two guests who eats with me in the restaurants vicinity and they pretty much disappeared right after.

The only freebies upon checking in.
The bare beauty of the lake is the most rewarding experience on being there. I have never got that close and get intimate with a lake before. I heard all sorts of animal sounds living near the lake as they retire for the night when the sun slowly sits on the mountains. As the flock of small birds transferring from one tree to another searching for the best spot to sleep for the night. It was most noisy pass 6pm as all sorts of of animal sounds converge with the odd cow-like call of the white herons standing out the most.

Just like a power outage on a party a deafening silence engulf the place when darkness has completely taken over. Creepy for me at first to be alone with just the lake and not a single chirp is heard. It was a good thing that I did not read any myth about the lake when I got there because my coward and creative mind is already envisioning what creatures living on the lakes depth who'll go out at night to drag human victims unto the lake. That is why I never get close to the lake's water at night. Yep! I still believe in those kid stuff and will continue to do so. Lakes are really creepy in any way you look at it no matter how beautiful.  

creepy ... T'Boli House
Even with the tiring trip I wasn't able to get a quality sleep at that night. The T'Boli rooms for solo travelers is a little left out in attention. The furniture and pretty much the hallway is dusty. They use huge pad locks in their rooms instead of door knobs. They have no table found anywhere in the house so it's hard to eat your meal inside. No shower in the common bathroom and the TV they place serve no use at all because it doesn't work.
You can barely move here much more to take a bath.
Given that it is the top resort in Lake Sebu it simply is inexcusable even if it is so isolated in the mountain.The lack of quality sleep was largely due to to the uncomfortable bed. I will never suggest the T'Boli rooms to anyone. Try other rooms instead or better yet check the rooms first before you check in. I was pleased though that they have a WiFi even if they charged me an extra Php100 for it and even it is so limited in the lobby only.  

One thing that I commend though is their unique variety of tilapia dishes that can't be found anywhere else in the world. The restaurant is the saving attribute of the resort. You can never go wrong by ordering their tilapia dishes and it's value is best enjoyed for groups but a little pricey for soloist like me. To further expedite the experience go try dining in their floating restaurant for an added fee of Php100. It wouldn't hurt if the resort venture to other  dishes besides tilapia to give more variety in their menu I would suggest they give other options to their guests. Now that the question is if their tilapia dishes any good. I can't really say that I was impressed by its taste but it was definitely new to my palate. It's worth a try while you are there. I could taste the fresh lake fern while I was eating the fish. It was that fresh!

How are the guests going to enjoy a drained pool?
Looks fun to slide? but without any water... No thanks!
There are two swimming pool in the resort one for kids *for obvious reason it has a a slide* and the other one for adults that was both drained during my stay. They have lots of inland cottages that they name after a flower and one big floating cottage. They have a huge T'Boli hall good for big events like weddings, birthdays, conventions, seminars etc. And in order to maximize your experience during the stay try boating the lake to see the three finger shaped islands and the crocodile island for Php500 per boat good for 15 people.

They have a thing for flowers and name their cottages and premium rooms after flowers.
One of my favorite part during my stay is the beauty that early morning bring. The lake is most photogenic when the sun is still looming to rise on the horizon. It was therapeutic to see the dawn light creates dramatic colorscapes with the lake and the surrounding peaks.

Everything is beautiful in early morning.
The best time to take photos of the lake is during early morning with it's stillness it will reflect the  blue sky and the mountains on its water and if you got up real early like I did you will the mysterious beauty of the lake as the mist slowly rise in the mirrored surface of the lake. The lilies concludes a dramatic beauty of the lake. Everything in the lake is just stunningly beautiful before 7 in the morning.

Lilies' beauty stand out the most when the sun is still rising.
The serenity that the lake offers is an ideal place to slow down, reconnect with nature and recover your bearings, an appealing opportunity for city folks like me to unwind and let go of the hectic lives we are used to living. By waking up early and meditate with the lake's beauty with a T'Boli coffee on hand has recharged my spirit and sets me ready for the next adventure.  


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