UFO Sighting in Mactan

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Imagine the existence of aliens who lives and walks amongst us. Wouldn't that be a fascinating thing? That thought fascinated me a lot as a kid that a beings from other planet could be observing us without us knowing because they're technology is so advanced that they elude from getting caught. An unexpected just happened on the early Sunday morning on February 02, 2013 in Maribago Wharf in Mactan when I captured a shot of an *Unidentified Flying Object* without even knowing it. Two days after when I was reviewing my shots I was just stun of what I found out and when I zoom into it I knew it's a UFO.

I join an activity by a small organization called the Yuppies and we were supposed to have an island hopping on that day around Mactan along with some debate about on 'Biblical Story of Creation versus The Scientific Theory of Evolution' and we were expected to be in the wharf of Maribago around 5am to hopefully catch the sunrise. 

We did arrive on time and the sea as expected is solemn. I didn't feel anything unusual on the time when stray away from the group who was waiting with the others on the mainland and just get drown with the beauty of nature. I took some shots while waiting for the magical hour of sunrise.   

The scenery appears even more magical now that the light of a sunrise starts to form some silhouettes of everything around it. From then on I started going trigger happy on taking snapshots of everything around me and boats from a distance really caught my attention and my focus shift to it.  

There's just something so beautiful and spellbinding on objects making silhouettes form by the cast of sunrise. I never expected that captured something so rare on that dayt and have found out about it after two days. I took 4 shots on the same time of 6:23am on the same angle with some slight changes on the camera's setting and poof! on one shot it appears.

Here are the 4 shots in order of it was taken:
Shot 1 ( Aperture 6.3, ISO 80, Shutter Speed 1/8000 )
Shot 2 ( Aperture 2.8, ISO 80, Shutter Speed 1/320 )
Shot 3 ( Aperture 3.3, ISO 80, Shutter Speed 1/400)
Shot 4 ( Aperture 4.0, ISO 80, Shutter Speed 1/400
It's just amazing that it only appear on one picture. I don't know if it just too fast or there are just modes that can only capture it. Still it was just epic that I caught a rare shot of an unidentified flying object. It doesn't really spell out that it is a technology from an alien on another planet because it could a technology from humans that is not known to us. It definitely doesn't look like the usual planes we have and definitely not a bird either. 

Here are the shot that zoom in:

UFO (zoom-in)

It sure looks like an elongated oblong shaped aircraft to me. That is usually the form that UFOs are widely known. I have some comparative shots of airplane that I took on another wharf and it certainly look way different.

PLANE (zoom-in) 

I don't know about you but that is an authentic UFO sighting for me. It fits exactly how a UFO is. I already send the picture to UFO society for authentication and for archiving it on their ever growing shots of UFO worldwide.

So I did a little research on Google to support this blog if there is any reported UFO sighting in Mactan and I found this. 

So what do you think of this shot? Do you by chance have any story to tell on some personal UFO sightings story. Shot it down the comment box. 

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  1. wow. it definitely is not an airplane. i think the guys on that UFO were responsible in subverting the Dec. 21st apocalypse and now they're on their way home. :P

  2. Yeah! Hahaa.. That could be the case... They could be the unknown superheroes lol...


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