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I really am truly blessed in 2012 to have the time, resources and enthusiasm to pursue a rather new hobby which is traveling. I was never really a travel junkie before 2012 and due to my fascination to hone my photography skill and put it to good use I got into traveling. And got hooked in it real good so that's why 2012 is the most traveled year in my life and as much as I want top it in this new year I probably never will because the wanderlust have subsided to a controllable level. I was hopping to new destinations almost every month and got into some interesting places that I could only dream of going but did so. So without further ado here are my top 10 destinations for 2012 in order of my likeness.

1. Asik-Asik Falls of North Cotabato ( November 2012 )

A location that feels like it is pluck out of a fairytale book has fully completed me as an explorer. I have never witness with my bare eyes such a unique and unreal beauty that exist in the realm of reality that I thought could only dwell in the fantasy world. The moment I lay my eyes on such beauty it brings out an odd excitement in me that I just want to run into like a kid's first gaze on a theme park. I swear faeries live there beyond human's sight.

TOURIST LEVEL: 10% ( the location is not tourist friendly due to long arduous commute on a rugged road) 
BLOG POST: I'm at lost for words to justify the beauty of the spot that is why I'm still composing my post for this. I will update this as soon as I complete it.

2 . Enchanted River of Surigao del Sur ( May 2012 )

A dream come true place for me. A river that is so alien on my sight the first time I've seen it on pictures and has then on become the basis of my exploration skill to be a full fledged explorer. For a year I have dreamed and waited for my time to dip on this mystical river and it finally came and somehow for some reason it did not meet up to my high expectations. On her raw nature her beauty is still impeccable but due to human trespasses it just lost that enchanting spark.  

TOURIST LEVEL: 90% (super crowded that peak during noon time)
Paradise Lost
Islands Around Hinatuan ( guide for island hopping in Hinatuan)

3 . Bucas Grande of Surigao del Norte ( May 2012 )   

An unexpected surprise of such grandiose unspoiled beauty. The spot must be experienced as a whole by navigating all attractions in the lagoon or you will be left with a hole of longing in your heart. It is a natural nature's theme park with carefully picked attractions to offer a unique experience to the curious guests. I did a lot of first time when I was here with little to no protective gear but with a supervision & guidance of experts. Be amaze of her rare beauty and satisfy your adventure needs for the thrill seekers by diving on underwater caves. 

TOURIST LEVEL: 40% ( start out early to avoid the peak of tourists )
ENTRANCE FEE: Php 25.00 + lots of other expenses follows with the boat ride the most expensive please read the blog for an in depth guide.
Oasis in the Sea

4. Cloud 9 of Siargao ( June 2012 )

The most laid back and coolest small town I have ever visited that proves it is people that best define the place and the experience. That is what makes this small surfer town extremely memorable because I have befriended great strangers that has become reliable travel buddies. The number of foreigners who got into liking the spot makes you feel like you're not in the Philippines and the to-have-fun & we-come-here-to-surf mentality of the people puts you really at ease with the rest of them. I have never feel more at home in all my travels than here. Too bad we missed the massive bonfire party. Relax and experience the coolest out of all water sports - Surfing.

TOURIST LEVEL: 90% ( this spot thrives on tourist and some have settled in to retire here  )
ENTRANCE FEE: completely free just find a good place to stay which I recommend Ocean 101
Surfer's Utopia
Siargao Islands (for those who want to know what its like island hopping in Siargao)

5. Mayon Volcano of Bicol ( March 2012 )

One of the most beautiful peak in the world happens to be very elusive. The only way to truly appreciate her majestic beauty is to see it yourself with your naked eyes that no pictures can replicate. I never thought that a mountain could attain such beauty and you will be awe inspired by just a glimpse of her full beauty. Mayon is never to be underestimated. It will never attain world recognition out of nothing.

TOURIST LEVEL: Depending on the place in Bicol. Mayon can be seen all over Legazpi and most of the towns near Legazpi. 

6. Seven Falls of South Cotabato ( November 2012 )

My waterfall chasing days is fully satiated when my feet brought me to this waterfall utopia. I witness not just one but seven waterfalls and to fly above four of them is one the best experience in my life that I will surely carry forever. This is the ultimate waterfall adventure to all waterfall chasers out there and the trekking part is one of my favorite that is needed to see the remaining isolated waterfalls. 

TOURIST LEVEL: 80% (lots of tourist especially on weekends)
BLOG POST: Still working on a blog post on this. I want to make an informative one.

7. Twin *Balinsasayao* Lakes of Negros Oriental ( February 2012)

I'm never fond of lakes because they're creepy and they're boring me but the mysterious beauty of Balinsasayao Twin Lake really fascinates me. The scenic image of the lake stuck on my mind tilnow and tempting me for a next visit. Being there feels so much like a trip on a forbidden land where a mysterious secret if lurking on her misty water. Part of what makes the place even more captivating is her unspoiled beauty.

TOURIST LEVEL: 60% (depending on season probably)

BLOG POST: none 

8 . Camiguin ( January 2012 )

White Island of Camiguin
This was my first trip in 2012 as expected I was filled with so much enthusiasm because I was part of a big group. This is one of the few island in the Philippines that has so much to offer and brimming with destinations that we were not able to cover everything due to time constraints. This is why it is on the lower spot because the trip felt incomplete and needed a second rerun to cover everything. An extremely memorable trip because of the big number of good friends with me that I might not be able to travel again complete as a group. A good memory that I always love to reminisce.

Bitter sweet memories. I miss this group so much!
TOURIST LEVEL: 30% (there isn't a lot of tourists on the spots when we were there)

9. Islands in Sorsogon of Bicol ( March 2012 )

The pink shores of Subic island due to high concentration of red corals.
The hidden beauty of the islands in Sorsogon caught me by surprise. It has everything that you could ever wish for. Pink shores, limestone formations, hidden lagoons and the emerald to aquamarine colored water is just too beautiful for your senses. An island hopping here will reveal to you the hidden beauty of the seclusive Philippine beaches. This was unique experience for me too because I did the extreme for the first time here by traveling Sorsogon from Cebu by sea and land trip that took one day of travel and this experience really improve my navigating skill for the future travels.

I got a feeling this is the last trip of the big group. I miss these people a lot!
ENTRANCE FEE: Free as long as you won't stay overnight. There's a resort somewhere on the island.

10. Siquijor ( February 2012 )

Taken by a fellow blogger friend Emir Sicangco
The mystical fire island of Siquijor will undoubtedly get you hooked. This was a second visit on the island and still I couldn't get enough of their pristine shores. The best thing about Siquijor is that you can tour the entire island and its accessible spots in just one day by hiring a motor cab. I could never forget I had so much fun with the wild vine in the Cambugahay Falls. I came here with two good travel buddies that I might not be able to travel with again.

TOURIST LEVEL: 70% (there are lots of foreigners here that we encounter on the boat heading Siquijor)


So that wraps up my favorite destinations in 2012. Some of them don't have blog entries yet. I will work on the trips that I plan myself and leave alone those trips that I just tag along. Next stop Top 5 Beaches & Waterfalls in 2012.

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  1. You really had a blast in 2012.. Great pictures.. Looking forward to 2013.. :)

  2. Thanks Marian. You should try that too! I'll try to top 2013 but I doubt I can. 2012 is the most traveled year of my life.


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