Yearender Special Top 10 Waterfalls in Philippines 2012

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The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Witness the beauty of Philippine's most scenic waterfalls that I have visited last 2012. And this how I rank them. 

1) Asik-Asik Falls
Type: Segmented
Location: Northern Cotabato

This undoubtedly slide into number one spot without any worthy competitor to challenge her unique beauty. It's a prime example of nature's hidden miracles. I could say with certainty that I haven't seen anything like it anywhere. Who knows after a few years from now when it attains worldwide recognition maybe it can get in the new list of nature's wonder.

ACCESSIBILITY: Difficult ( hidden deep in an uncharted mountain makes you go down a mountain by foot )
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2) Tinuy-an Falls
 Type: Block
Location: Surigao del Sur

The widest and the most photogenic waterfalls in the Philippines. Her beauty attains the glorious level on an experienced hand of a photographer. It is this feature that got me captivated on her in the first place that looks like a masterpiece painting that comes to life but in reality when you are in her presence she's actually like any average waterfall. The best part on visiting her is that you experience her raging beauty on your body by riding the raft.

ACCESSIBILITY: Medium ( bumpy 30 minute habal habal ride to a mix of dusty and well paved road )
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3) Kawasan Falls
Type: Fan
Location: Southern Cebu

This is the first waterfall that I have ever gaze with my bare eyes. A few years has passed and she is still on my top spot. This is the one waterfall I've been to who has the most inviting pool. The aquamarine water is just too tempting to resist that'll make your heart leap. And a good trek to see her different levels makes the experience even more rewarding most especially when you reach the waterfall source and bathe on her sparkling emerald-tinged water. Well... it'll never make into Travel+Leisure list of world's top waterfalls out of nothing.

ACCESSIBILITY: Medium ( the trail is just beside the main road but the scenic trek will take you 30 mins )
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4) Hikong Bente 
Type: Plunge
Location: South Cotabato

A waterfall so massive and majestic that you can feel God's hand all over it. Cascading at the height of 70 feet it is called 'immeasurable' by the T'boli tribe as it is the largest of all 7 falls in Lake Sebu. Her existence over the millenia beautifully sculpted the wall of limestone beside her. Come close to her and you will definitely feel her raging power. Hikong Bente is the second of the seven waterfalls in Lake Sebu.

ACCESSIBILITY: Medium ( the most accessible of the 7 falls )

5) Aliwagwag Falls
Type: Multi-Step
Location: Davao Oriental

If the stair-like cascade won't impress you then how about hearing that it is the longest waterfall in the Philippines that would take 2-3 days of trekking to reach her source. She offers a different experience for you that'll make your heart pump and hold on for your life by climbing each level. Beautiful surprise lurks on each level but I must warn its a dangerous climb that can injure you profoundly if you are not careful. I had so much fun in this waterfalls.

ACCESSIBILITY: Easy ( it's just beside the highway that is usually navigated by bus going to Cateel from Davao City )
6) Mantayupan Falls
Type: Horse-Tail
Location: Southern Cebu

The flora around the waterfalls is so alive that can trick anyone that it is somewhere deep in the jungle but it's not. The second level has an awesome triple flow falls that meld so well with the green vegetation. I admire this waterfalls so much because of the simple trait she carries and it is the most ideal setting a beautiful waterfalls that I have always envisioned as a kid. You can get so close to the base of the falls safely because there is a rope to hold on to.

ACCESSIBILITY: Medium ( it's just near the town and less than 15 minutes ride in a well paved road )

7) Katibawasan Falls
 Type: Punchbowl
Location: Camiguin

The thinnest waterfalls in the Philippines cascading at 250 feet seemingly looks like a thin line that divided the mountain in Camiguin. The uniqueness trait of the falls is what prompts me to place it on this spot other than that nothing that special out here. I must warn the water is freezing cold.

ACCESSIBILITY: Easy ( a famous spot that's just a few walk from the main road )

8) Cambugahay Falls
Location: Siquijor

Fun and excitement is what this multi-tiered waterfall has to offer. It is the miniature version Detian Falls in China. You can go waterfall diving on the second level and my favorite is the wild vine swinging that eventually lead you to the water. Too bad I heard from a friend recently that the vine has been cut off last month. This is a must visit in Siquijor.

ACCESSIBILITY: Medium ( just beside the main road but leaves you a daunting task of going down hundreds of steps )

9 ) Hikong Alu
Type: Block
Location: Southern Cotabato 

The T'Boli people called it 'The Passage' because it literally looks like a door to another realm and folklores says it really is. Cascading at 35 ft in height it's truly a spectacular sight when seen with the naked eyes. Not to mention the the bed of wild flowers growing beside her nourished by the mist she let out. Hikong Alu is the first of the seven waterfalls in Lake Sebu. 

ACCESSIBILITY: Medium ( second most accessible waterfalls of the 7 falls just a short walk from the welcome arch )

10 ) Casaroro Falls
Type: Punchbowl
Location: Negros Oriental

Set in the rugged mountains of Negros Oriental a gigantic waterfall thrives to nourish the flora and fauna living on the area. The location is so far up far up in the mountains of Negros Oriental that it can only be accessed by a habal-habal and a strenuous of climbing & trekking follows. Based on experience the area has some healing ability because my cough disappeared when I was up there. 

ACCESSIBILITY: Difficult ( over an hour ride from the city that can only be accessed by habal habal and go down an endless metal stairs then navigate your way in the huge boulders in the river because the bridge was destroyed by the storm )

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