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Xterra 2013 in the Philippines just got a little much challenging with trails a mixture of paved and unpaved road with lots of bumps and turns in the way. Luckily I got an invitation to be one of the marshals in the event and it was an opportunity to be up close with the runners as possible and have access to areas where average spectators normally won't wander because of the sheer distance of it from the venue of the event. I was lucky to be stationed in one of the most scenic part of the trail where the mountains meets the beautiful sea and the crowded city. Here are the photos I took where I witness some runners breakdown because cramps and the newbies curse their way just to finish the trail. Ben Allen from Australia beat the rest of the competitors while two-time Xterra World Champion Lesley Paterson from Scotland taking the third spot and first for the women's division. 

I arrived quite early in Seafront Resort in Liloan at around 4am for an early orientation with the other marshals and it was still dark at that time. The beach was quite peaceful when I got there and quite the opposite occurs a few minutes later it has become the busiest when everyone is doing the responsibilities for the big event of the day. We are each given our own station to guide the runners. And after some breakfast we are off to the mountains.


You can view all of the pictures here!

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