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It makes no goddamn sense at all. I love it. It’s ugly beautiful. And actually very tasty” as quoted from the infamous Anthony Bourdain a travel host of 'No Reservations'  & Parts Unknown. Halo-Halo is an integral part that represents our legacy us Filipino that is a mixture of different cultures and race that eventually end into such a unique and diverse heritage. Such reputation lead me on a hunt for the best Halo-Halo in Cebu. Perfect for summer! This post will be updated with new findings each time I found one.

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Cebu's pioneer fast food chain filled with delightful colors that somehow bring your appetite to a good condition. It seems their main goal is to bring joy to the eyes and dessert needs of their customer. However their Halo-Halo as eye candy as it seems did not score well in my taste buds. I appreciate the effort they take with the design with the colorful mini umbrellas and barquillos stick added but some important ingredients on a Halo-Halo is somehow missing like ube jam etc. On their poster outside the store is their Halo-Halo is brimming with ingredients and you will actually only get 60% of that when they serve it. False advertising is really a bad thing for me and maybe this is an isolated case nevertheless they should act out on it. If they remain true to what they advertise it might score a little well next time.

VERDICT: 6 out of 10
PRICES: 93php for MJ, 82php for Special, 68php for Regular (prices may change over time)
LOCATION: only in Cebu ( Colon St., IT Park, Ayala Mall, SM Mall )

Ever wondered what a hybrid of Buco salad and Halo-Halo will taste like? Now you can try it in a very affordable price tag with huge servings. Melton's Halo-Halo is known to serve the best Halo-Halo in Southern Cebu and it still live up to that reputation even to this day. It has all the necessary ingredients of a good Halo-Halo - a chewy fruit palm, mung beans, coconut gelatin, flavorful langka ( jackfruit), 2 scoops of ube ice cream, creamy frozen dairy, coconut strips and some new ones like crushed peanuts and the red one that I couldn't tell what. The lacking of leche flan and ube jam is an odd choice for them to make which stops me from rating it any higher and pinipig is replaced with cereals. I commend them for the value of their Halo-Halo even of its cheap price it still manage to put in as many ingredients as they could and experiment with some new ones that works quite well. The two scoops of ice cream alone is more than enough. This is the ultimate summer dessert made affordable for the masses to enjoy. If the summer's heat proved too much to you then head to Pardo now.

VERDICT: 7 out of 10
PRICES: 60php for Super Special, 50php for Special (prices may change over time)
LOCATION: Poblacion Pardo, Cebu

The scenery around may be a little peace of heaven but the Halo-Halo they offer is the exact opposite of it and it's expensive. They just throw in anything that they can think of in the mix and even uses junk food such as Mr. Chips to replace the cereal flakes. The taste of the junk food is distasteful because it is a complete disparity of everything that is sweet in that tiny little. And to make matters worst their ice is not properly shaved therefore forming into large chunks of ice that is hard to enjoy. Due to monopoly this Halo-Halo continue to thrive even with its bad taste. I write this as a warning never to try this one when you are in Kawasan. You are better off with their fruit shakes if you want to cool off in the summer's heat.

VERDICT: 3 out of 10
PRICES: 55php for Special, 85php for Special with ice cream (prices may change over time)
LOCATION: Barangay Matutinao Badian, Cebu


This local ice cream house has really established a good reputation all throughout the years and it rightfully deserves so. The ingredients in their Halo-Halo hit the right spot and it has everything you ever expected that a Halo-Halo should have. Once I tasted it I keep coming back for more and what I love most is the ice cream toppings that they have. This is by far the best Halo-Halo I have ever tasted. One thing that I can commend are the staff in their branch in Raintree Mall has a reputation of bad customer service and I experience it first hand. You will get a frown once you approach the counter and they score zero in hospitality.

VERDICT: 9 out of 10
PRICES: (prices may change over time)
LOCATION: SM City Cebu, Ayala Center Mall Cebu, Raintree Mall

More Halo-Halo stations will be reviewed when my search continues.. Ciao!

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