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Cupcake is literally a small cake designed to serve one person to satisfy one's craving for a sweet cake. In the 23rd of January 2012 a cute two-story cupcake house poops out in Banawa that is a complete eye candy from the black & white motif with a touch of pink to their tantalizing arrays of cupcakes. Yes! this is literally a little girls candy land. But is there more to this place than meets the eye? Go on with the review.

How could you say no to such cupcakes.

Location: 305 R. Duterte St. Cebu 6000
Contact: (032) 516 3694
Website: facebook.com/CupcakenPastries  
Operating Hours: (Monday - Saturday) 2:00pm - 12:00am
WiFi: Yes ( 2 - 3 mbps )

When my brother and I recently moved in Banawa we pass by this such an eye catcher sugar coated cafe with dash of pink color. And by its name I can tell that its a cupcake house like no other. Eventhough I'm not fond of cupcakes I knew that it's begging me for a visit. A few days passed then an opportunity presents itself in when a vacancy on my schedule and a sweet craving on my taste bud simultaneously occurs.

The moment I step in the front of the glass door a staff opened the door for me and give me a warm greeting. I was impressed of the hospitality they've shown I guess they were just not that busy. When my gaze wanders in the wide variety of cupcakes the staff in the counter started talking about their best sellers and new cupcakes. They sure are hands on with their customers I wonder how they'll behave if it gets busy. After getting my order I was left alone in the second floor to ravish the delicious looking cupcake. And when I leave the cafe they say 'Thank you sir!"

The designer really knew how to struck the sweet cravings of the people by using pink highlights. Pink has been known to make us crave sugar more thereby best suited for pastries. They go with the black and white approach in the overall motif that emits a cozy feeling and looks neat in the eye. The first floor is quite small but the second floor makes up for the bigger space. Unfortunately there is no outdoor sitting for those wanting to have fresh air and there is a small parking space for those with private vehicles. There is not a lot of people who visits the cafe so you'll be assured of a peaceful and private time.   

The best seller! This one is a must try to all who ventures here. The sweetness is just right and the cupcake inside really tastes like strawberry. It costs 55php

For chocolate & hazelnut lovers that has highly tolerance for sweetness because this one is really sweet. Even a sweet tooth like me is having standing trouble consuming it all. The chocolate flavor is what stands out the most. It costs P55.
Mango flavored cupcake wit a mango cream toppings. It has a light taste that is not too sweet and truly justify the mango float flavor.
It costs 55php.

This part doesn't sit so well with me. Although their cupcake is a complete eye candy but the taste and size doesn't justify the price of P55. I really think it's a bit overpriced most especially if they're just regular cupcakes without the flamboyant toppings. It seems they are so focus on the captivating the attention of their customers by their toppings that they forgot an important which making the cupcake itself exquisite for such a high price tag. I guess they are pretty much just regular cupcakes with flashy toppings.

PROS (+)
  • warm, hospitable staff
  • wide variety of cupcakes
  • cozy interior
  • really private, less people
  • decent WiFi speed
CONS (-)
  • pricey cupcakes
  • too sweet toppings, bland cupcakes
  • not so good caffeinated drinks

If you want to surprise someone with a complete eye candy cupcakes that will make the eyes sore with yearning then this is the perfect place to get it. I admit I'm not a fan of cupcakes but I'm not that impressed with its taste. I expected better seeing how it is such a complete eye candy. And also this one of the few places in Cebu that can really give you a private time due to its seclusion and very few people have known about it. It's highly recommended for fan of cupcakes or simply those sweet tooth searching for a place to satiate their sweet cravings. And it's good for dates because girls will most likely love this kind place. It's not the best cupcake house in town given its value but it is definitely worth a try.  

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  1. I agree, their cupcakes are overpriced. Have you tried Sweet Little Things? I like SLT's cupcakes better. Costs about the same though. Still expensive.

  2. I'm not a fan of cupcakes really but I heard Cupcakes of sonja is really good compared to Cupcaken. I haven't heard of SLT. Where is it located? I might visit it someday.

    Thanks for dropping by Mustachio.


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