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Have you ever been to a place so beautiful that you will literally forget everything else in the outside world? If you haven't then you must definitely give this out-of-this-world beautiful spring falls a try! Hidden in the mountains of North Cotabato this miraculous spring falls gush out of nowhere with no lakes or any large body of water near it. The waters that comes out of those rocks known to locals to have healing qualities. The full blog post will be up soon. Here's a Asik Asik Falls itinerary to guide you in getting there.

I stayed on a hotel in Midsayap to have an early starting time to travel to Sitio Dulao Barangay Dado where Asik-Asik is. I must remind everyone that as of November 2012 there are no accommodations for travelers in Alamada and most especially in Dado but if you got guts to try to ask the residents in those area to adopt you for a night then you're good to go. The entrance market to where Asik-Asik is situated can accommodate campers and this is most advisable for you to witness the rainbow in Asik-Asik that forms when the sun is up and vanish around 9am. 

So for those people who are like me and doesn't want to stay in either Alamada and Dado then the best bet you have is to stay in Midsayap. I can recommend Hotel Angelo because it so near the bus station, Midsayap market and the terminal for the vehicles that travels to Sitio Dulao. The hotel offers comfort that is within justifiable price.

The recommended transportation for travelers for those who don't have private vehicle is habal-habal. It can carry two people on a trip to Asik-Asik *might be very difficult for two*. It might cost you on one trip but it is a faster and more convenient alternative compared to double tire jeepneys that only travel once a day around 10am and you will have problem in getting back.


Cotabato City - Midsayap : 2 hrs via bus for 50 Php
Davao City - Midsayap : 4 - 5 hrs via bus for 246 Php


HABAL-HABAL (costly but faster and convenient in getting back)
STARTING TIME: any time you want advisable 8am
ETT to Sitio Dulao: 2 hrs
FEE: 1000 php (two way trip) good for 2 - TIP! You can lower it to 700 php like I did.

DOUBLE TIRES (cheaper but you're going to have a hard time getting back)
STARTING TIME: 10am (earliest)
ETT to Sitio Dulao: 2.5 hrs
FEE: 200+ php (one way trip) catch the last trip back around 3pm


07:00 - free breakfast courtesy of the hotel

08:00 - check out of the hotel

09:00 - start of habal-habal ride to Asik-Asik for 700 php

09:49 - arrival in Alamada

Toll gate fee from locals in Barangay Dado : 20 php

11:00 - arrival in market in Sitio Dulao Barangay Dado / entrance to Asik-Asik
Entrance / Market / Camping site
11:05 - pay necessary fees / buy lunch for you and the habal-habal driver

Habal-Habal Parking Fee : 10 php
Entrance Fee : 30 php x 2 *paid for the driver* = 60 php 
TIP! If you're alone take the driver with you to have someone to take photo of you in Asik-Asik.
Lunch for the 2 of us : 100 php they have junk foods, boiled eggs, bottled drinks and pastel *rice with vegetable and meat rolled into a ball and wrapped with banana leaves*

11:15 - start the climb down the mountain to reach Asik-Asik

11:40 - reach the vicinity of Asik-Asik Falls

12:00 - Lunch / Do what you need to do

14:20 - climb up 

15:00 - travel back to Midsayap

16:50 - reach Midsayap bus terminal

17:00 - travel to Cotabato City for the next adventure


So that's it! Hope you found that itinerary helpful to give you an idea of how the excruciating the trip to Asik Asik Falls itinerary is. Full blog post will be coming soon...

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  1. On my list of places to visit! Thanks for the info.

  2. Visit mo na Mustachio before mawala yung spring falls due to human interventions. Glad to be of help :)

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  4. AYOS! thanks for the tips! Bookmarked for future reference! :)

  5. Glad to be of help. Yes! You should. The rate could change though.


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