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Do you find yourself searching for a resort to host your summer getaway that is not so far from the city and it is within the bounds of your summer's budget? then this newly opened resort might cater to your summer needs. It has everything you will ever need for summer - white sand shores *only comes out during low tide*, a beautiful swimming pool with water slides and a comfy resort to rest for a good night rest. If that got your attention then it's time to read my in depth unbiased review of the resort.

Location: Alegria, Cordova Mactan Cebu 6000
Phone: 032 517 9998 / 238-8978 / 238 4217 
Mobile: +639173090236 / +639334394797 / +639285591487
Email: /
Website: /
WiFi: Yes
Facilities: 58 well-designed guest room with Hotel Safe Deposit Box, Adult/Kiddie Swimming Pool, Pool House (Good for Day users, also those who opt for an overnight stay), Conference Facilities (good for business meetings & events), Gaming/Entertainment Center (Board Games & Video Games via Xbox 360), Modern Filipino Restaurant with Bar, Parking Facilities, Non-smoking Rooms, Banquet/Catering Service and Foreign Currency Exchange. 
Please be advised that rates may subject to change.
Rates: Day Tour Package *usage of the swimming pool* - P600 (with Lunch) & P250 (without lunch) 
Room Rates: Deluxe Room - Php 2,999.00 / Suite Room - Php 3,499.00 / Extra person/bed - Php 950.00 

CLEANLINESS: Everywhere in the facility is spotless but avoid eating in the pool area because a swarm of flies will invade your food.

LOCATION: Beautiful back drop of Mactan seas but lacks shoreline during high tide. A sand bar and a mini cave appears during low tide.

SERVICE: It's so hard to spot a staff when you are catnapping in the pool area. No staff to welcome you too once you arrive in the resort's vicinity.

VALUE: It is the best part of the resort is that you'll definitely get the worth of your money. Room rates is justifiable. 

FOOD: Lacks a good presentation and the taste is so so.

It was Sunday, the day after my birthday, that we decided to give the resort a try.I was with my little brother and his girlfriend and two other friends I invited. We were supposed to try the day tour inclusive of lunch but we woke up way pass lunch so we opt for the second option.  

Perfect Place for Birthdays!

The place is teeming with people on weekend and holidays so if you want some solitary time then plan a trip there on weekdays. If you get lucky like I did on my second visit you can have the whole pool all to yourself.

the Lobby
The moment we step into the vicinity of the resort. Everything about the place feels fresh - the furnishings, the interior design and architecture itself. Every nooks and crannies in every corner of the resort all pointing to a conclusion that it either just opened or undergo into a massive renovation.

The renovation is very evident in the surrounding garden outside of the swimming pool. The empty lot suggest that there's a lot of plans to place on the area and the bermuda grass hasn't fully covered the grounds. What's really impressive is that the resort is properly positioned to give you that impressive panoramic view of the pristine sea in Mactan. And the fusion of colors during sunset is just simply too beautiful to miss. You can even have an unobstructed view of Isla Romantika on a distance.

What really struck me odd is the water level of the pool. I don't know if they're just so keen in prioritizing the safety of their guests because the deepest part of the pool is only around 5 ft that certainly limits anyone who wants to practice diving or want a cardio workout by swimming. Is this a poorly designed pool or an innovative one that ensure safety? Well it just doesn't work well with me at all I think it's a bad choice because it limits the swimmer in all of us.    

I think the resort is lacking some staff because when we arrive there is not a single staff that welcomes any newly arrived guests. I think it's a very important factor in every resort because the business center and make business in  hospitality. We have to wait in line in the counter before we can ask the information we need. There is however a staff in the pool area that brought us cold water right away when we found a spot and asks for our order but most of the time it's hard to spot them after that. They usually stay in concentration in either the restaurant and lobby. They must remedy this problem as soon as they can because it's easy for those people who have no dignity to get in and out of the resort even using the facility without paying anything.  

the Restaurant
The food are priced well in a resort's standard of pricing but they lack the distinct taste and presentation that leaves a memorable impression of the resort. I must advise that it is best to eat the food inside the restaurant than in the pool area because base on experience there flies that'll swarm your food especially the edible and sweet ones if you brought it in the pool area.   

For those worrying with their budget for this summer and those just vying for a change then this is recommendable. The facility feels posh-toned and there's a touch of elegance in it's simplicity and design but just don't expect a lot in the service. It does cater your basic summer needs like a good beach with shoreline that comes during low tide, a decent pool to swim on and a satisfactory priced restaurant with a good variety of menu to choose from.


How to get there?

From Mactan Airport just take a taxi and say the name of the resort and the location. It'll be a 30 minute drive depending on the traffic.

From Cebu *without private vehicle* just head to SM City Cebu and ride a V-Hire bound for Cordova for only P35 and get off where the van stops in Cordova. In there's lots of ride that brings you to the resort for P20.

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