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No other place can ever truly account for the essence of Cebu than in the downtown or otherwise called the old city. It brings you back in a forgotten time where people don't rely on any technology to have a life and religion is the only driving force on the heart of each Cebuano. It is also here that you will witness the harsh side of city amidst the beauty that it is flaunting.
I was lacking some stock image at that time to be use for the photography articles that I was planning to compose. That's what got me on my feet to explore downtown on that day and I was blessed with a hot summer weather. Then it got me that the a city like Cebu so rich in culture and tradition yet I haven't posted any photoblog about it *besides Sinulog festival that is* so that's how this photoblog came to be. After making Rule of Space I got some spare pictures that I haven't used and with a minor edits of the other good pictures the this photoblog is born. One picture even garnered quite an attention in and reach a popularity status.

I will update it with more photos. Cheers to all cebuanos ^_^

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