Antulang Resort Review

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Considered as a hidden wonder in Negros Oriental, Antulang Resort boasts a cliff side panoramic view, a unique rocky beach terrain and surprisingly a small stretch of white sand *not that much I might add* then other amenities come into play such as the infinity pool, horseback riding, kayaking and yacht tour to closer top tourist destinations. The resort has been known as a magnet by local celebrities and foreigners. There is so much to this place than meets the eye. Learn more about it through this Antulang Resort Review.

Siaton, Sibulan Negros Oriental
(63-35) 422-2600 / 225-8899
(608) 721-0413 (toll-free US/Canada)
+63917-700-2461 / +63920-947-6373
+63917-300-0112 / +63920-947-6368
Facebook Page:
Yes (however not free you will be paying Php100 every hour)
Horseback Riding, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Rappelling, Private Cruise to Tambobo Bay, Apo Island or go Dolphin Watching in Bais.
Day Tour Rates: 
Entrance Fee - Php 300 ( Php 200 is consumable for food) & Pool Usage - Php 300
Room Rates: 
Pool Villa (most expensive) Php 15,525 & Deluxe Cabana (least expensive) Php 2,475

the captivating infinity pool

CLEANLINESS: The grounds of the resort are fairly clean. Housekeeping in the rooms, hallways, lobby and restaurant are passable. However, some structures in the resort is in a really bad shape especially the promising pathway below the cliff. It is falling apart and it scary walking down there because anytime it could fall on you. It just shows they have given up maintenance on that area which is a shame because it is one of their strength. They did not properly clean the pool in the villa and many guests complained about it. 

LOCATION: Perfect for couples who wants total isolation and nothing but the serenity of the sea and countryside. However, the distance to get here from the city (Dumaguete) or the airport will take around minimum of three hours and cost you Php1000+ if you arranged that they pick you up. This place is really secluded and no form of other entertainment at night just DVDs and not even a cable.

SERVICE: I must commend the waiter that was assigned to us because he made an effort to go after just to inform us that our meal is ready when we are in the beach below even if it took him awhile to navigate it. However, you must be very wary of the bills because the people in the counter are bad in calculating things and they made an error in ours. The staff in the front desk need some lessons in hospitality as well as they are not courteous at all. Expect no good morning or smile from them unless you are a celebrity.

VALUE: Expensive for that kind of standard in resort. The villa doesn't even have a flat screen TV and the aircon is a little worn out and the lavatory is average.  Never believe what you see in their website because it is far from that and most of it are fabricated. They lack a good landscape in the entrance to spark the interest of any visitors which is very odd for a supposedly high end resort. The finishing on some parts of the room is dull with a gray cement finishing which doesn't justify the luxury they are projecting.      

FOOD: The food is good though a little pricey since you don't have a choice with such seclusion. I highly recommend the Margarita Pizza and the seafood mix. The coffee they usually serve is the standard Nescafe though so be warned.   

the spell binding sunset scenery
Random TripAdvisor user reviews:

My husband and I enjoyed our stay in Antulang. It may be far from the highway, but that adds to the beauty of the place. The food was tasty and the place was generally clean. The staff were courteous and cheerful. We enjoyed the infinity pool a lot, always a good photo opp! The Tambobo Bay cruise was also wonderful. After snorkel and kayaking, a romantic dinner was even prepared for us on the boat, one starry starry night. by PurpleDoll

The cliff top location of this resort is spectacular. The complimentary shuttle ride from Dumagete airport was bumpy near the end. But the provincial scenery and grazing animals was very interesting. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The rooms were very clean and well appointed. Our private jacuzzi tub had a great ocean view. We ate our surprisingly good complimentary cooked to order breakfasts at the bar. The bar enjoys a fabulous view of the huge infinity pool and the ocean. The only suggestion we had was our bed sheets and blankets were tucked in too low. We had to loosen them from the foot of the bed. by big10sjunkie

Overall, much as I love to honestly promote all sorts of destinations in the Philippines, I think this place has much it needs to do to improve. After all, the basics are there and it could really be built on with enough resolve from management. To start off however, I think they should address their first and biggest problem which is their website. The website designers did such a good job (I want to hire them) to romanticize the resort. On the home page is a strip of white-sand beach with clear azure waters. In reality, this is all of about 10 meters long, down a steep path and quite a few minutes walk from the center of the resort/accommodations. Integrity demands that the resort either re-think their marketing or else step up to actually being the posh place they project themselves to be. It all boils down to being fair with the client and managing expectations. If this is done, I think most of the negative reviews would be addressed. I would love to be able to come back here in a few years and enjoy the place thoroughly. by hav4wannatravel 

Antulang Beach Resort is a lie in itself. It should be called Antulang Cliffs Resort. The beach is almost inaccessible. To get to the main beach, to go snorkeling, we had to wait around for 45 minutes until someone finally found a key to unlock the gate. The pathways along the cliff are really showing their age, and lack of maintenance. Many pieces of the concrete are missing, and rusted reinforcement steel is poking through everywhere. Antulang likes to portray itself as a 5-star resort. Maybe it rates 2.5 stars, but its remote location, and poor beach facilities, make it hard to recommend. If you wish to travel all the way to Negros to mainly spend time at a secluded resort, with poor beaches, limited activities, and horrible access, then Antulang Beach Resort fits the bill. If, on the other hand, you want to do some sightseeing or shopping, go diving multiple days, or leave your resort to explore Negros and Dumaguete, CHOOSE A DIFFERENT RESORTby HoustonReal

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