Canso X Mountain Adventure Park Soft Opening

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A new adventure park is looming on the horizon to compete with your attention here in Cebu. Thanks to the people in Aboitiz I was invited on their soft opening last February 15 and it was a great to experience the beauty inside the eco-park. Canso X Mountain Adventure Park boast to be the first ever hiking, camping and biking adventure park in the province of Cebu. The place still on development and yet to have a grand opening around March this year so some activities are still limited as of now. They currently don't have an official site yet but they do have a Facebook page for inquiry about the park Canso X Official Facebook page 

As seen on their campaign video there are a lot of promising activities that are yet to be open to the public. What's great about the eco-park is the picturesque landscape that is vital to replenish your body and mind from the stressful life of the city. 

We were only able to enjoy the trek partially because it will take a lot of time to complete it given the limited time we have. I must say I was really in awe of the natural beauty of the eco-park and they were able to preserve the biodiversity of that spot in the countryside. It has potential to be a very good adventure park in Cebu if they can come up with more activities besides trekking, biking and camping.

Here is a visual tour of Canso X Mountain Adventure Park:

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  1. What camera were you using bro? I like the blues especially in your photos.

    Let's hope we could all go back to Canso X for the longer river trek.

    See you around!

    Baktin Corporation

  2. I'm using Lumix they're known for the Leica lens they're sporting.

    Yes hopefully we can experiencing the complete trek in the grand opening.


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