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Bantayan Island is a world famous island in the Philippines known for its pristine stretch of coastline and powdery white beaches. It's impossible not to include this small island north of Cebu province on the best beaches in the Philippines. But when super typhoon Haiyan *local name Yolanda* made a landfall in the island last November 8, 2013 it claimed a lot of life and destroyed 90% of the infrastructure. Bantayan Island has never been the same since and promises to rise again. And now more than 100 days has passed let's take a visual tour of the irrefutable beauty of the island through my photos and be amaze of the changes.

“Yes, I believe that we will rise again. We have been through several storms before and the lessons of the past only made us  stronger and more experienced.” - Councilor Despi of Bantayan

Elizabeth Resort offers Php 1,500 room per night good for 5 pax with aircon.
Located just a few meters from Sugar Beach.

Sugar Beach Resort owner died so recovery of the resort was put into halt.

The resilience of the resident in Bantayan is clearly depicted in the eyes of these children.

You can reach Bantayan island through an hour ferry ride in Hagnaya Port after the four hour bus ride from Cebu. 

From Cebu City / Airport --> North Bus Terminal -- Php 170, 4+ hours bus ride --> Hagnaya Port -- P150, 1 hour ferry ride --> Bantayan Island 


Santa Fe ( covering Eastern portion) - known for its beautiful beaches and resorts
Note: Ogtong cave is now close from tourists because of the danger it poses to tourists.

Bantayan ( covering the central part and the largest municipality) - good to buy supplies and taste local delicacies

Madridejos ( covering the northern portion ) - best known for its beautiful sunrise

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  1. Beautiful photos of Bantayan. I hope the island recovers soon. Makakabangon din lahat.

    Sayang sarado na pala ang Ogtong Cave. Lagi kasi din yang na-fefeature sa mga travel magazine.


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