World of Photography : Downtown Cebu Photowalk

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It was a dull afternoon and I got nothing better to do. The wayfaring spirit in me is begging my feet for an exploration so I yield to the idea that sprouted out of my head. Cebu is a very old city and it happens to have the oldest street in the Philippines that is still standing to this day. As Cebuanos, we often overlook the beauty of the old district of Cebu as new modern ones started to dominate the metro. The old district is filled with historical buildings, architecture and really feels that it has been frozen in time. I decided to take a challenge of going in a photowalk to recapture the timeless beauty of downtown Cebu in black and white. Join me as I go back in time to rediscover the undying charm of the old city.

Christian Vincent Literatus

Travel Blogger

Chris just loves to travel, and for a long time now has been drifting from place to place around the Philippines. With his combined passion for travel and photography, he’s managed to find himself in the middle of some magical moments and mind blowing scenery. The Bisdak Explorer is Chris’s way of sharing his experiences with you, and showcasing not just his travel photography, but the moments and stories behind those photos.


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