World of Photography : Olango Island

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I've been here so many times and I love bringing people in this island because I couldn't get enough of it. Not because of its beaches it is not that stunning I for one don't like the quality of the sand but maybe for its accessibility and the wildlife reservation going on in the island. It is brimming with so much diversity of wildlife from the migratory birds that is from all over the world who made this island as temporary habitat to the marine life which flourish with our help due to the different wildlife reserves in the island. I am a bit worried though due to the increasing number of human inhabitants populating the island because there are areas damaged by our ways. Let me take you on a visual tour in what to expect from Olango island.


Christian Vincent Literatus

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Chris just loves to travel, and for a long time now has been drifting from place to place around the Philippines. With his combined passion for travel and photography, he’s managed to find himself in the middle of some magical moments and mind blowing scenery. The Bisdak Explorer is Chris’s way of sharing his experiences with you, and showcasing not just his travel photography, but the moments and stories behind those photos.


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