How To Make That Coco Tree Pose in Carabao ( Hambil ) Island

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Hambil Island ( famously known as Carabao Island ) is an island paradise known for its unspoiled coastlines and the powdery quality of white sands reminiscent to Boracay minus the party hungry crowd. There's that famous curved coconut tree which sells the signature look of the island to the international scene and getting a picture up there is no easy feat. You need to have good climbing & balancing skills and no fear of height whatsoever to feel perfectly at ease to convey such pose. This blog isn't a travel guide about Carabao island but all about capturing a picture perfect photo of yourself up in that coconut tree. 

Before you ever decide to do this you need to be aware of the necessary things you will need to successfully pull this off. Like I said it is not going to be easy and like all good things it'll be worth the difficulties.   


  • Appropriate Summer Outfit (light clothing can make a huge difference)
  • Sunglasses (extremely necessary if you're doing it close to noon time)
  • Sunblock (to keep the sun from burning your skin)
  • Lots of Water (to instantly re-hydrate yourself after the shot)
  • Face Towel (to avoid sweat from ruining your photo)
  • Good Photographer Friend (those who have skills & patience to do this for you)
1) Determine what time of the day you want to do it.

It entirely depends on your taste and limit of how much sun you can take. By doing it real early in the morning or late afternoon either during sunrise or sunset you will have peaceful water and ember color backdrop for your photo. The advantage of this is lesser heat from the sun & people but the coastline & sand won't be in their most appealing colors. Now the second option is somewhere close to noon when the sun is way up in the sky and coastline is shouting for a photo but it'll be too hot by then and I doubt you'll last minute without sweats dripping all over your face. 

2) Do a practice climb at night.

To avoid embarrassment from your spectators (I tell you there will be a lot of locals who will be watching you do it) and it'll be less stressful without the sun's heat. 

3) Clear the rubble.

The coastline is not as serene as it once was. It's usually filled with passenger boats and the wooden debris & materials they use are all over the place. You wouldn't want them from interfering with your photo.

4) Start the climb with your four limbs.

Don't get cocky by walking with your feet but instead use all your four limbs to reach the desired height you can take. And it is so much faster this way.

5) Try to reach the highest part of the tree as much as you can.

Don't let your fear limit what you can do. Try the highest part of the coconut tree as much as you can. Anyway, the locals made some indentation in the tree to serve as support for your feet so it'll be much easier to climb.

6) Do your signature pose, be it standing or sitting.

This is entirely up to you. If you have good balance then try a standing pose but if you don't a sitting pose will do just fine. I did both!

7) Going down : either jumping or crawling down to the base of the tree.

This is the tricky for wimpy people scared of heights. I just jump from the height that I've reached by sitting down first of course but for those who cannot do it then crawling back to the base is the best thing to do. I find out that hugging the tree and flip to the other side then hang your body and then let go is less scary as well.

8) Re-hydrate yourself and enjoy your photo!

Your taste buds will surely be shouting for a chilled drink after doing this.

And it will never be complete without a group photo in the tree! 


Special shoutout to a friend who willingly capture the photos for me. You may follow him in Instagram.
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