Introducing the Project Waterfall Squad

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Specialty : Waterfall Chasing, Spelunking, Trail Making


1) Chareen Abino Bagasbas ( The Master Stalker )
Role: The Damsel in Distress / Basher / Fashion Police
Closest to : Christian Caballero, Junfer Tecson, Miguel Abas Jr, Christian Vincent Literatus

Caren is always super proud to be the only rose amongst the thorns in every adventure we had and can get gritty jealous whenever a girl decided to tag along in the group. She isn't always the adventurer type all her life and was only made to one because of our insistence so expect some shrieking around her and the never ending are-we-there-yet lines whenever the trail get real steep and difficult. She may look like the innocent silent type at first but her true self will come out when you warm up to her and she can easily drop nasty comments to those closest to her. A waterfall chasing adventure wouldn't be complete without her vulgar mouth dropping jokes on us and our never ending push to face her fear of deep water & cliff diving. Even with her inexperience she manage to overcome herself and come out as near equals to us by sheer will and perseverance to succeed which she will surely thank us in the later years of her life. Caren is the most polished product of this group and we couldn't be more proud.

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2) Elei Mathew Ramon Tatad aka #TheCompassInMe ( The Instagram Celebrity )
Role: Researcher / Navigator
Closest to : Miguel Abas Jr., Kim Villafuerte, Kyno Marcelino, Junfer Tecson

Elei is an Instagram celebrity and he loves the attention. We've seen him get real competitive with those around his niche and proud to boast when he successfully crush an opponent and comes out on top. Instagram plays a huge part in his social life right now and will do his best to be on top of his game in this competitive field. Our itineraries are mostly researched by him which make him an indispensable part of the group and he loves to be the one stop inquiry for all questions and will gladly guide anyone he thinks deserving of his attention. He started out as the silent type and barely talk but now he has warmed up to us completely and we are treated to his fun side and some admirable qualities. He always felt responsible to all new guests invited in the group especially those having a hard time navigating a trail and is obliged to assist in any way he can. Being thoughtful is one of his admirable persona even when it contrasted in his never ending talk about being heartless and all.  Honestly, we are all proud to be considered as his close friend and will continue to support his dream to crush all other Instagram celebrities.    
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3) Miguel Abas Jr. ( The Loverboy )
Role: Organizer / Entertainer / Navigator
Closest to : Elei Mathew Ramon Tatad, Ben Salutan, Kim Villafuerte, Christian Caballero, Christian Vincent Literatus, Chareen Abino Bagasbas

Miguel is the person to seek first in the group because he is the most friendly. The accommodating aura surrounding him makes anyone feel at ease and he tries his best to entertain anyone deserving his attention. His never ending search for love & affection often leads to misinterpretation which cause us to see his kindness to flirting. He does sometimes go beyond the group and follows the person which caught his attention to another group which left us wondering why we are being ditched for unknown reasons. His playful personality and hugot lines makes for an exciting topic whenever he is not around. Undoubtedly, he possesses the most chivalrous heart in the group and you can surely count on him anytime. He is very good in organizing an adventure as well and efficient in looking for a good trail. Now that I got tired in inviting people to the group he steps and do that start. Now that Kim is absent for quite some time he is currently Elei's right hand in leading the trail.          

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4) Kim Villafuerte ( The Life of the Party )
Role: Navigator / Joker
Closest to : Elei Mathew Ramon Tatad, Miguel Abas Jr., Junfer Tecson

Kim is and will always be the fun part of the group. He can brighten everyone's mood with his random and spontaneous jokes. We surely feel the void of his role when he is not around. He started out as the main navigator of the group because of his experience in tracking trails and adeptness in looking for that off the beaten path. Now his two apprentice Elei & Miguel have taken in the navigating role that he left. He is surely missed now that he suddenly stopped hanging out with the group for some unknown reason. The joker role is still vacant.  

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5) Christian Vincent Literatus ( The Bisdak Explorer )
Role: Blogger / Founder
Closest to : Miguel Abas Jr., Junfer Tecson, Kim Villafuerte, Chareen Abino Bagasbas

Christian is the serious and silent observant of the group. He can go long miles of hiking without talking to the person walking beside him. He may looks aloof because he loves to be alone most of the time but he can be a very fun companion and accommodating whenever he is in the mood. Chris is the common denominator of the founding members of the group and he is happy that everyone got really close to each other in no time because he dislikes entertaining anyone while in an adventure. He sometimes blanks out when he is observing a beautiful spectacle in front of him. 


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6) Junfer Tecson ( The Erwan Heussaff of Cebu )
Role: The Boy Next Door

7) Christian Caballero ( The Sensitive Hobbit )
Role: OOTDer / Model

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8) Ben Salutan ( The Sweet Boyfriend )
Role: Serious Photographer

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