Fact or Fiction Edition : The Eerie Encounter in Lake Sebu

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In my years of solo travel in faraway provinces and remote areas I never had any unexplained encounter until that trip happened a few years ago in Lake Sebu. My idea for supernatural things are purely fictional and love the creativity told about them until that day. I never told anyone this story because it didn't make any sense and have no proof whatsoever of what happen on that night. Lakes got really creepy after this experience and I never go near them alone anymore.

The trip happened around a weekday with no holiday in the calendar to fuel the wanderlust of the people. I took a week of vacation leave to explore some remote areas in Mindanao and handpicked a destination where I could be alone with nature. I stayed in a famous resort ( prefer not to name the resort ) in Lake Sebu and since this is a busy season for the city folks I got the whole resort to myself with only the staff accompanying me. Since these people have houses on their own and there are no other guests around they usually left the resort unattended pass 7 in the evening. They've already reminded me to order dinner early during my arrival because they won't be staying overnight.

The mountain resort covered a vast area with no residential house nor other resorts for a mile. The moment I stepped in to their beautiful welcome arch I knew I would get my alone time here to think through the events in my life. I went through a tough time when I took that vacation - haven't fully recovered from a breakup, lost my interest in my job and that financial problems that my family went through starting to its toll on me. I just want to shut all of these problems in the world for a few days and clear my head.

I checked in for an overnight stay because I was planning to visit the seven waterfalls in the next day and planned another destination in the day after. I never want to stay in one spot for long. I love everything that happened when I got in the resort and the thought of sleeping in a place as huge as that all alone, got me excited. 

There is so much serenity and peace all around me as the sun was sitting and I just stared blankly at the lake for hours admiring her beauty. The white herons flying all around fishing added a refreshing charm to the place and some of these birds are strangely docile to humans to the point they hangout a lot in the floating cottages below us. They make weird noises too and there are some other noises I couldn't identify when darkness fully takes over.

The resort has two swimming pools hanging in a cliff with both of them drained and I have to go down a hundred steps to get to the lake below. There are floating cottages here perfect for family picnics and there is one huge restaurant in the middle. Nothing peculiar nor creepy in the resort except those mannequin they dressed in T'boli tribe outfit near the checked in counter. Fear is nonexistent in my head at that time though I did feel a hint of loneliness when the staff started to close down the counter and said goodbye to me.

It's as if life has been drained from the resort in a few minutes when the staff stops the music, turned off the light in some area and closes down the counter. I was left there all alone researching for my itinerary in the coming days in the only WiFi spot with a good view of the dark lake. The mixed noise that the birds and animals made are what keeps me company at that time and then I started to hear an eerie high pitched noise with them. I shrugged off easily and focused with my research. 

After an hour or so, the exhaustion of the trip started to manifest in my body and cold breeze relaxes my body so I decided to call it a night and went ahead to my room. I have to walk through a hallway of empty rooms to get to mine and that area shouts spookiness but I never had an inkling of fear. I have two beds in my room wishing I have partner to share the other bed with. I lay down and in a few minutes instantly fallen to a deep slumber. 

Well, I wouldn't be writing this if I haven't woke up in the middle of the night after that good sleep. I remember going to my room around 8 in the evening and it is now pass midnight and my back aches because of my bad position when I have fallen asleep. When I slowly opened my eyes I thought I saw someone lying in the other bed but my mind was just playing tricks with me because it was just my belonging that I took out of my bag.

The silence of the night was deafening that I wish I could go back to sleep in an instant. After a few minutes of trying to go back to sleep I hear a huge splash from the lake like something big has fallen down to the water and that high pitched sound of an animal follows after. Was I scared? Maybe. But my curiosity wouldn't leave me alone. What could happen if I decided to take a look from the viewing deck above? The lake is way down below and it would take around 20 minutes to navigate down to the lake. 

The next thing I know I was out of my room already and back to that eerie hallway. The coldness of the night really bothered me but I didn't turn back instead hurriedly go to the view deck. Luckily, it was full moon at that time and everything in the lake below is visible. The splashes continued it's as if someone is taking a bath in the lake. It could be a guest that I didn't know was with me in the resort enjoying a night bath or maybe there's a caretaker left behind in the resort that I didn't know. 

Out of boredom and needing some company I did go down into the lake below because I couldn't see anything in the view deck. I never had any inkling of fear at all just an excitement of who or what could it be. If this is a guest then it is a perfect time to talk with them or maybe I could find someone to hook up with hehee kidding! 

As I was nearing my the remaining steps of the walkway I can see from a distance that a shadowy figure of a kid or a small person. Climbing out from the water and jumping back again. My curiosity is going haywire in that instant of why would a kid be taking a bath in a lake in the middle of the night. The creepy sound starting to go louder as I am nearing the lake and the first response of my body was flight. I could not understand myself and it's as if someone else is controlling my body because I decided to take a look of what it was. 

Every hair in my body is standing right now as I was typing this part trying to recall that vivid experience. The image stuck in my head even now that I could still see it clearly when I close my eyes. It wasn't a kid at all but rather shaped like a chubby creature. The best description I could think of is Barney ( that friendly purple dinosaur ) and all green. It is probably around 4 feet tall and has that weird crests or spines protruding from the head to the back. It is fat and walks weird upright in two feet. I know the description sounds funny but I was far from being amuse in that moment.

Naturally, I froze from what I've seen with my own eyes and continue to observe too scared to turn my back and walk away nor make any noise. The creature continue to do what it does and sometimes even swim further and eventually go back to that spot. I wish I was brave enough to get close to it and see what it really looks like up close but something happened that I did not expect that I almost lost my sanity and probably even my life.

Few minutes have passed in my very uncomfortable position observing such a phenomenon that I hear another loud high pitch noise again and this time it is behind me. I was literally stun because of fear that another creature could be close enough to grab me while I was busy observing that little fella. I can feel my limbs go numb and my vision going dark maybe because of fear or something unnatural.

I summoned every ounce of courage I have left in me to look behind and there it was. A shadowy figure near the orchard tree around 5 meters away from me. This one is a lot bigger probably around 6 to 7 feet and what creeps me the most is it just stood still like a statue watching me in the dark. No argument in that moment with the voices in my head but to run for it.

The hundred steps took me around a few minutes only and not even a hint of exhaustion during that uphill climb which I find hard to do. I never look back if it was following me or not. My mind & body is focused in reaching my room and lock it up until the morning. I have never feel such intensity of emotions in my life and when I reach my room I thought I heard a drum beating in the dead silence of the night but it was actually just my heart. My limbs go dead cold and it's as if I barely have enough energy to walk to my bed. 

Likely, I sit for half an hour near the door listening to the deafening tranquility of the night. Hoping and praying that my ears wouldn't pick up any strange sound. Thank God that reality is so much better than a horror movie this time because no strange attack happened. I think I crawled back to my bed and exhaustion follows. I easily fall back to sleep and everything seems like a bad dream when I woke up that morning but I knew something peculiar happened last night. One unforgettable travel experience that I will find no explanation and a mystery better left alone. 

The next morning I checked out without probing anything from the staff. Left the resort with a smile and a renewed perspective of the mysteries in this world. This is one travel story that I will carry all throughout my life and guide me whenever my reality is challenged.

I am curious. Have you been touched by such a conundrum in this world as well? 

Do share.

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