Bohol Destinations : Cadapdapan Rice Terraces & Can-umantad Falls of Candijay

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Bohol is synonymous to chocolate hills, pristine beaches, tarsiers, virgin forests, rewarding river cruise and near infinite wealth of century old churches but make no mistake if you think that is all there is to see in this island province. Herein lies majestic waterfalls and infamous rice terraces that Cordillera is known for and these are no lesser replica of the said wonder but just as equally grand. What made it even more exciting is they can all be found in the small municipality of Candijay and easily wandered in half a day trip.

Candijay is situated in the eastern most tip of Bohol and home to a diverse undeveloped eco-tourism spots. The town itself faces the most diverse mangrove ecosystem in the whole province ( the Cogtong Bay ) but sadly slowly plummet due to illegal ways of fishing and mismanagement of the local government. The government did made an effort to rectify the damages by a series of coastal resource management program.

Candijay comprises 21 barangays: 
  • Abihilan
  • Anoling
  • Boyo-an
  • Cadapdapan
  • Cambane
  • Can-olin
  • Canawa
  • Cogtong
  • La Union
  • Luan
  • Lungsoda-an
  • Mahangin
  • Pagahat
  • Panadtaran
  • Panas
  • Poblacion
  • San Isidro
  • Tambongan
  • Tawid
  • Tugas
  • Tubod (Tres Rosas)

Surprisingly, this small municipality is a hidden gem in the province greatly blessed with natural resources from the variety of caves to choose from ( namely Sangat Cave in Tambongan, Layog Cave in barangay Luan & Ilaja Cave in Panas ) for your spelunking needs, the refreshing cold spring in Canawa to cool off that summer heat and they even have their own brand of sand bar found in Barangay Panas  the Kawasihan Islet Sand Bar. They also have a famous peak of Kantaligsok, a captivating Danicop Gorge Brook and a man-made lake they called Boongon SWIP.

After a relaxing stay in the pristine shores of Anda, I decided to chase a waterfall in Candijay — the Can-umantad Falls and visit one of their rice terraces. I read they can easily be navigated for half a day so it is a perfect side trip before going back to Tagbiliran city.

I took a tricycle from Anda going to Guindulman for Php 20.00 and then catch the bus in Guindulman en route to Ubay. The public market in Lungsodaan is where I get off and the fare is only around Php 10.00. The estimated travel time from Anda to Lungsodaan is less than an hour excluding the waiting time for your transportation of choice. 

Naturally, there are plenty of habal-habal drivers in the public market you can negotiate to take you to those said spots and make sure they really know the way because I made a mistake of settling for a driver who are not familiar with the area. I made a deal of Php 150.00 per pax and this already includes the waiting time. Haggle if you must but make sure you are not robbing these drivers their means of living.


Candijay's main attraction is the majestic waterfall of Can-umantad. Towering at around 60 feet this is known to be the highest waterfall in the province of Bohol and rightfully deserves a visit for waterfall chasers & nature lovers alike. The cascade is quite unpredictable during dry season so it is best to visit this waterfall during rainy days. I was lucky enough to witness a strong flow in the start of summer around March but my friends who visited it in the previous month aren't fortunate enough.

Unfortunately, I learn by accident there are two routes to reach the waterfall because the driver I hired didn't know the way. I trek for almost half an hour the reach the spot and climbed out a torturous cemented steps for 20 minutes to exit out into the rice terraces. If you have the time and patience this is actually a good route to have a dramatic entrance to the waterfall. 

another rice terraces can be seen on this route
To experience this route you will have to start at the top of the mountain in the second sign post of the Can-umantad Falls and you can exit in the rice terraces. The only downside is you will be paying twice the entrance fee.

the first peek of the waterfall
Nearing the end of the trek I caught a peek of the waterfall from afar and it is reminiscent to Tumalog Falls in Cebu in my first glimpse of it. A crevice in the mountain makes way to a roaring waterfall and the sight of such spectacle is cut by the trees in the area. I descend a few minutes more to reach the entrance where I register and pay the fee of Php 10.00

I admire the effort they made here to pile stones one after another to give the area an enchanting feel and I noticed such aesthetic is a common practice in the waterfalls I've been to. A couple of minutes more following the river upstream will bring you closer to the waterfall and be amazed. 

the first glimpse of Can-umantad Falls in her full beauty

Can-umantad Falls ( best angle )
No words nor pictures can justify the beauty of Can-umantad. This tiered type waterfall drops with the roaring height of sixty feet down to huge rock and then the cascade unforl in different directions forming a basin underneath. It really is quite a sight and undoubtedly the most beautiful one I've seen in this province. The basin is shallow enough for kids to swim safely but do be careful of the surge because it is quite unpredictable depending in the season. 

There's really not much to do here if you decided not to take a dip. You can take stairs in the left path exiting to the Cadapdapan rice terraces.


There are actually many hinterland rice terraces location in Candijay ( namely in barangays Tambongan, Canawa, Tubod, Abihilan ) but Cadapdapan is the most ideal side trip if you choose to chase waterfall because you can start or end your trek here. This is more like a bonus treat for all visitors of Can-umantad and an equally impressive spot I'd say. 

Yes! there are sun flowers here like in the Cordilleras
If you follow my route you are going to pay another fee of Php 20.00 here but if you want a shorter course you can go straight here by taking the turn in the main road when you see the first sign post of Can-umantad. There's actually a resort in the rice terraces area if you fancy an overnight stay in the winsome sight of this gorgeous spectacle and they even have a swimming pool.


Anda  Guindulman via tricycle: Php 20.00
Guindulman — Lungsodaan via bus : Php 10.00
Lungsodaan — Cadapdapan via habal-habal : Php 150.00
Entrance Fee to Can-umantad Falls : Php 10.00
Exit Fee through Cadapdapan Rice Terraces: Php 20.00
Lugsodaan — Tagbiliran via bus : Php 100.00

Estimated Total Per Person : Php 310.00

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