5 Best Sunsets in Cebu

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I'm such a sucker for sunsets. There's just something so alluring about it that never fail to leave me in a state of awe. Wherever my wayfaring feet brought me any day will never be complete without witnessing a spectacular sunset scene. Be it in a bus navigating a treacherous cliff, a ferry sailing in a vast ocean or up in the sky while in the plane it just commands attention and I'm always happy to oblige. Cebu happens to feature so many jaw-dropping sunset spots and so I made a countdown of the best sunset spots in the province. I've narrowed down the list to five best spots based on the experience I had. I give the specific location where it is best viewed. One of the photos above is the number one. Can you guess what photo is that?

5) Basdaku Beach, Moalboal

Basdaku is probably the most known sunset spot from this list because the beach here is stunning. Due to the accessibility of the beach from the city many people have already been mesmerized of its sunset. No matter how known it is I just couldn't exclude this location from the list because it is still that beautiful. The laid-back provincial appeal of the sunset here made it an ideal moodsetter for the peaceful or romantic night ahead. 

TIP! Look out for a group of birds who goes hunting during this time of the day. It is a beautiful sight to see a huge number of birds swarming the water like locusts.

4) Mangodlong Rock Resort, Pacijan Island _

Pacijan Island is the touristy one in the group of islands in Camotes. The island holds stunning beaches, subterranean cave pools, Lake Danao and an astonishing sunset spot. The famous sunset spot on this island can best viewed inside Mangodlong Rock Resort. What made it stunning is that sun is unusually large here and you will get an almost 360° uninterrupted view of the glowing horizon when you climb the fancy coral islet after a short walk in the sandbar. A perfect tropical sunset that'll surely romanticize your cold heart. 
Mangodlong Rock Resort logo

3) Villa Isabelle Beach Resort, Samboan

A crimson sunset and that's the best description I could say about Samboan's sunset. It feels like the sea catches fire and is spreading real fast and instantly put out once the sun fully hides in the horizon. The sea weeds are almost everywhere and hidden most of the white sand in the beach. The best part is not a lot of tourists usually stays on this area so you will have the beach all to yourself or be sharing it with some silly kids who hangs out a lot around here.

2) Terra Manna Resort, Badian _

The cliff side location of the resort and the huge tree made for a fabulous pair. Whenever the weather is good and in the right time of the year this tree produced the most visually stunning sunset photo I have ever seen and they've used this concept on the resort's logo. The blue hour ( a few minutes after the sun completely set ) here produces the most extraordinary hues I have ever seen and location itself is just too perfect for a sunset watch. I thought at that time this is the top most beautiful sunset spot in the province until I've visited the next one on the list.

1) Bounty Beach, Malapascua Island

This easily takes the top spot because I have never seen a sunset before who has drawn out a lot people to a state of worship. Almost everyone stopped what they were doing then walk to the horizon and just stood still for a few minutes watching the sun slowly disappear in the horizon. We were drawn of the sunset's raw beauty. To make the experience even more enticing it usually occurs during a low tide making way of one of the most stunning silhouette sunset shots I have captured. This is best viewed in Angelina Beach Resort just alongside the huge rock which houses the Amihan Restaurant. The water puddle caused by the low tide adds a spellbinding charm to the photos.

TIP! The low tide gives access to some weird sea creatures caught in the water puddle that will surely startle you.

Special mentions to those who haven't made the list but still as stunning. Osmena Peak in Dalaguete, Celestial Garden in Banawa, Fort of Kota in Madridejos Bantayan Island, General Maxilom (Mango) Avenue in Cebu City, First Mactan-Mandaue Bridge, SRP in Cebu City, Sirao Peak, Temple of Leah in Busay, Olango Island in Mactan.

How many have you visited in all of these and can you recommend some in the comment box below. Thanks!

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