Cebu Destinations : Everything You Need To Know of Malapascua Island

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People from all over the world flock to this island paradise for an encounter with the elusive thresher sharks and that is how Malapascua earned her reputation but the island offers so much more than that which will surely surprise you. Unexpectedly, the revelation changed my perception of the island and I was ensnared of such an innate beauty. Besides the long stretch of pristine shores comparable to the top beaches in the country there are numerous coral gardens as well perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. They even have numerous locations of shipwreck with one perfect to snorkel due to its close proximity to the shore averaging around a depth of five meters. I will gather all the relevant information you might need of Malapascua island in this post.

Malapascua is located in the northern part of Cebu which is known for Bantayan island and other equally beautiful islands and beaches. I don't usually suggest the northern part of Cebu for first timers in the province because the south has so much more to offer but if you're an island lover then you will make no mistake of choosing to explore the north. It is home to the stunning Bantayan island, the colorful Gibitngil island, the diverse Camotes group of islands and the diving haven Malapascua island. 

Naturally, the island is quite known as the only spot in the world where the pelagic thresher sharks regularly visit for some clean up sessions with the wrasse early in the morning because these sharks are deep sea dwellers. They are usually spotted in the underwater island of Monad Shoal in Malapascua before sunrise. This species of shark is considered harmless to humans and only attacks when provoked but I couldn't say the same to the squids, octopus and crustaceans which they usually feed on. What makes them unique is that they use their tail as weapon to catch their prey.

Enough of the those sharks because the island nowadays have so much more to offer and is being developed as a major tourist destination in the province. The locals been creative in finding new attractions for the curiosity of the tourists. The pristine shores alone will surely be enough to persuade you to spend an awesome time here. 

This post is more of a compilation of all the relevant information you might need in your stay here and it will be a work in progress as I update more facts as I continue to visit the island. Herein you will find tips on where to stay, the places to go and people to avoid the make the most out of your stay.

Have I told you Malapascua Island has the best sunset in the province of Cebu? now you know...
Estimated Travel Time from Cebu : 
4 hrs 30 minutes ( 4 hours by land & 30 minutes by sea )

Bus Fare from North Bus Terminal to Maya Port : 
Php 167.00 (for non AC) & Php 180.00 (for AC bus) ETT 4 hours

Pumpboat Fare from Maya Port to Malapascua Island : 
Php 120.00 ( regular ride until 3pm ) ETT 30 minutes ( circumstantial : Php 20.00 for a small boat if the water is really shallow for the boat to dock in the shore )

  • Close encounter with the thresher sharks don't worry they're not the type who develops a taste for people ) & manta rays. 
  • Snorkeling / diving in different coral gardens and coral walls namely Dakit-Dakit Island, Monad Shoal (famed underwater plateau for thresher sharks & manta rays) , Gato Island & Kemod Shoal.  
  • Shipwreck diving in four different locations namely Lighthouse Wreck ( depth of 5m / 15 ft ), Dona Marilyn Wreck ( depth of 18-32m / 60 - 110ft ), Tapilon Wreck ( depth of 22-28m / 70-90ft ) and Pioneer Wreck ( depth of 42-52m / 140-170ft )
  • Entry point to Kalanggaman ( Secrets  ) Island and other surrounding islands such as Bantayan ( Travel Guide ) Island and her many islets, Gibitngil ( Travel Guide ) Island in Medellin, Camotes ( Travel Guide ) group of islands, Chocolate Island, Dakit-Dakit Island, Gato Island etc.
  • Beach bumming in Bounty Beach & hop in other pristine beaches in the island.
  • Climb the Malapascua Lighthouse to see a 360 view of the whole island.
  • Cliff diving in different challenging locations.

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