3D2N South Cebu DIY Travel Itinerary ( Osmeña Peak, Oslob, Samboan, Inambakan Falls, Alegria, Kawasan Falls, Moalboal, Mantayupan Falls )

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One of the most sought after destination in Cebu is the southern part of the province. Made famous by the whale sharks in Oslob, blinding white beaches of Moalboal and that exhilarating Alegria - Badian canyoneering adventure. The highest peak in the province is found in south as well along with the tallest & most beautiful waterfalls in the province. It is my dream to collate all the destinations in Cebu into one ambitious post and this is just one step to fulfilling that goal. I've formulated this itinerary for quite awhile now and finally tested it recently for 3D2N trip in the south. So I'll be sharing this raw information for all those DIY adventurers out there who wants to try it themselves. Enjoy!

AM / PM 

DAY 01 : The Day of Too Many Destinations

Sunrise Scene in Osmeña Peak

Naturally, for us to accomplish this tight schedule we started the trip in the earliest time possible in the first day by meeting in south bus terminal as early as two in the morning to catch the first bus trip to the south. The first destination is Osmeña Peak to witness the breathtaking sunrise.

0230: Estimated Time of Departure of the bus 

02300430: South Bus Terminal ➫ Dalaguete ( get off the bus in 711 ) for Php 105.00 per pax via Ceres Bus
04300500: Dalaguete ➫ Mantalongon Tourism Office situated at the base of Osmeña Peak for Php 100.00 per pax via habal-habal
05000530: Mantalongon Tourism Office ➫ Osmeña Peak short trek, entrance fee of Php 20.00
05200630Osmeña Peak Photo Session

06300700Osmeña Peak ➫ Mantalongon Tourism Office

The Brackish Water of Obong Coldspring
07000745Mantalongon Tourism Office ➫ Obong Spring for Php 100.00 per pax via habal-habal

07450900: Obong Spring Swimming Session & Breakfast, no entrance fee early morning but the day time rent of the table costs Php 100.00

The Natural Wonders in Oslob

09001000: Obong Spring  Tan-awan, Oslob for Php 56.00 per pax via bus.

There are actually jeepneys that will take you to Oslob from Dalaguete for a lesser price but they're not that frequent so it is best to opt for any bus. Head straight to Tan-awan in Oslob because that's where all action is. The butanding (whalesharks), Cancuaay Beach and Tumalog Falls are all easily navigated around that area. Tell the bus driver to drop you off in Seafari Resort in Tan-awan.

10001130: Swimming Session in Cancuaay Private Beach 

There's an entrance fee of Php 100.00 per pax in Cancuuay Private Beach but there's a secret route to visit that area for free. There's a small concrete staircase next to Seafari's entrance that's quite tricky to spot which lead down to the beach. After reaching the beach, head right ( facing the sea ) tracing the shore to reach the private beach. You should ask the locals if you can't find it but this route might be dangerous to some.

11301200: Lunch 

OPTION A: Swimming with the whalesharks and Sumilon sandbar island hop. Stay overnight in Oslob.
OPTION B: Visit Tumalog Falls, Hidden Binalayan & Aguinid Falls. Stay overnight in Samboan.

PERSONAL NOTE: I would choose Option B in a heartbeat to save time and visit more attraction but this is entirely up to you based on your preference. You can still do whale shark watch & visit Tumalog Falls after lunch but exploring the waterfalls in Samboan within the day is going to be hard. 

12001230: Cancua-ay  Tumalog Falls for Php 50.00 per pax via habal-habal
12301250: Entrance of the waterfall ➫ Tumalog Falls short trek, entrance fee of Php 20.00
12500200: Swimming & Photo Session in Tumalog Falls

02000230: Tumalog Falls ➫ Cancua-ay for Php 50.00 per pax via habal-habal

I wouldn't advise visiting Tumalog Falls during dry season somewhere around late February to late June because you will surely be very disappointed with the lack of cascade.

The Town of the Majestic Waterfalls

02300300: Oslob  Samboan for Php 250.00 per pax via tricycle ( Php 500.00 per group )  

I know that two hundred fifty pesos fare is quite expensive but it's necessary to save time. You can still opt for a cheaper option by waiting for the rare jeepney that will take you straight to Samboan for less than hundred pesos. Another option is the bus going to Bato and then take another bus from Bato to Samboan. These options will surely take more than hour including the waiting time.

03000430: Adventure in Aguinid Falls, entrance fee of Php 30.00 & optional fee for the two guides given per group

04300500: Cliff Diving in Hidden Binalayan Falls, entrance fee of Php 10.00 & optional fee for the guide given per group
05000530: Hidden Binalayan Falls ➫ Vila Isabella Resort, tricycle fee of Php 20.00
05300600: Checked-in Villa Isabella Resort for Php 1,000.00 per room good for 2 pax overnight.

VILLA ISABELLA RESORT CONTACTS : 261-2877 (Phone #) / 0999-530-2603 (Cellular #)

0700: Dinner & Rest onwards

I would advise contacting a tricycle driver the night before so you can leave early in the next day without worrying for a ride. I recommend Francis because he can serve as a driver & tour guide. We paid him Php 300.00 per pax for the day tour.


DAY 02 : The Day of the Waterfalls

Waterfall Chasing in Samboan

0600: Wake Up Call
06000615: Breakfast 
06150700: Vila Isabella Resort  Barangay Suba ( Dau Falls location ), entrance fee of Php 20.00 & optional fee for the guide given per group
07000720: Trekking from Barangay Suba  Dau Falls
07200800: Dau Falls Photo Session

08000820: Trekking from Dau Falls ➫ Barangay Suba
08200840: Barangay Suba  Samboan Town Proper
08400930: Samboan Town Proper  San Miguel & Hidden Marla Falls, no entrance fee

➳ Waterfall Chasing in Ginatilan

09301000: Samboan  Ginatilan for Php 20.00 per pax via bus.

10001020: Ginatilan  Barangay Calabawan ( where the three waterfalls in Ginatilan are located ) for Php 25.00 per pax via habal-habal.
10201030: Trekking from Barangay Calabawan  Inambakan Falls, entrance fee of Php 10.00 
10301200: Inambakan Falls Swimming & Photo Session, explore the two smaller waterfalls namely Kampael & Bugnawan.

12001230: Lunch 
12301240: Trekking from Inambakan Falls  Barangay Calabawan 
12400100: Barangay Calabawan  Ginatilan Town Proper for Php 25.00 per pax via habal-habal 

➳ Waterfall Chasing in Alegria

01000200: Ginatilan  Alegria for Php 25.00 via bus

There's so much to do and places to visit in Alegria that it would take almost a week to complete them all so I would just suggest Cambais Falls for this itinerary because it's the easiest to explore. For a full list of things to do in Alegria visit my travel guide Cebu Destinations : Alegria

0200 0230: Alegria  Cambais Falls for Php 70.00 per pax via habal-habal
02300330: Cambais Falls Photo & Swimming Session, entrance fee of Php 20.00

04300500: Cambais Falls  Alegria Town Proper for Php 70.00 per pax via habal-habal

➳ Waterfall Chasing in Badian

05000515: Alegria  Matutinao Church in Badian for Php 10.00 via bus

0515 0535: Trekking from Matutinao Church  Kawasan Falls, entrance of Php 20.00
0535  0600: Kawasan Falls Photo Session

06000630: Checked-in for Php 900.00 per room good for 2 pax overnight

DAY 03 : Adventure & Relaxation Day

 The Canyoneering Adventure

0700: Wake Up Call 
07000800: Breakfast & Prep for Canyoning
08001100: Alegria  Badian Canyoneering, fee depending on the guide 

11001200: Lunch & Prep for Check-out
1200: Check-out
12001230: Trekking from Kawasan Falls  Matutinao Church

 The White Sands of Basdaku Beach

12300100: Matutinao Church ➫ Moalboal Town Proper for Php 20.00 via bus

Get off the bus in the McDonalds Moalboal so you'll easily find a ride going to the beach.

01000115: Moalboal Town Proper ➫ Moalboal Basdaku Beach for Php 50.00 via habal habal
01150300: Basdaku Beach Photo & Swimming Session, no entrance fee

03000315:  Moalboal Basdaku Beach ➫ Moalboal Town Proper for Php 50.00 via habal-habal

 The Highest Waterfall in the Province

03150345: Moalboal ➫ Barili Public Market for Php 25.00 via bus

03450400: Barili Public Market ➫ Mantayupan Falls for Php 30.00 via habal-habal
04000500: Mantayupan Falls Photo Session, entrance fee of Php 10.00

05000520: Mantayupan Falls ➫ Barili Public Market for Php 30.00 via habal-habal
05200720: Barili Public Market ➫ Cebu City for Php 150.00 via bus


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