Globe Media Excellence Awards 2016 Ceremony : A Night of Victors & Surprises

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So the night all nominees been waiting for almost half a year has finally come. My entry was one of the lucky 87 entries from different categories who made the final cut out of the original 789. We got the email and text notice one week before the ceremony night. Who will be the reigning victors of the 5th Globe Media Excellence Awards for 2016. Find out my story counting down to that prestigious night.

Victory was the least of my concern at that moment I was more concerned of the food they're going to serve in the event. The venue is in Radisson Blu Cebu and from my previous experience they serve one of the best buffet meal in the metro. If I won't nab the "Blogger of the Year" award, the sumptuous meal would be a wonderful consolation prize but little did I know that won't be the case. Surprises come in so many mischievous little forms that will leave us sighing of disappointment or shouting for joy. I did not expect the award's night comes packing with a lot of these.

Days preceding the award's night I was filled with so much dry spell and bitterness in my life that it almost made me bust the replay button of my music player repeating my power song Rachel Platten's inspiring track "Fight Song". The line "And I don't really care if nobody else believes cause I've still got a lot of fight left in me" reminded me of my unsupportive friends that I wonder why I still keep around. The second verse "Losing friends and I'm chasing sleep. Everybody's worried about me." perfectly illustrate my current situation as I was unknowingly estranged by some friends which made me decide to abandon all forms of socialization and focus with a work-review-videogame repeat life cycle. 

I slowly loss interest in blogs as I'm more and more absorbed with that dangerous cycle. Writing blogs used to be a therapeutic avenue but it starting to function less as that and more on being a time eater. The review for a license abroad plus my regular job really took a toll on my free time. I didn't have any blog entry for this month and the previous blog from last month about Siquijor was uninspired and left unfinished. At this point, my interest in blogging is slowly waning to a dangerous point of disappearing completely.

On the eventful day of GMEA 2016 ceremony, I decided to take my mom as my date for the night. She's from the old world who prefers to live in the physical world and don't have a lot of knowledge about any of our digital progress. What she did know is we will be attending an event where I was nominated as a blogger and was all supportive as a mother can be but see no special significance of the awarding night. She sees it as just another form of social gathering where people eat and share a few talks then all go home. I never really told her every detail. I want she would find it on her own that night.

We were told in the invitation to proceed to the Sta. Maria Ballroom Hall and in we go. PRworks Cebu is responsible most of the physical work on this event funded only by Globe Telecom. I was finally introduced to Van Miñoza ( of PRworks ) in person while I was in the registration booth. She's my contact person the moment I was handpicked by them to submit an entry a few months ago. 

Surprisingly, it was a cocktail reception inside the award's hall without any alcohol. Most of the food served are appetizers & desserts and no usual dinner table setup for guests to lounge in. So imagine my dismay when I initially thought it's a full dinner buffet complete with the gourmet dishes in Radisson Blu. Understandably, this is the usual setup for social and business gathering so I quickly got over it and enjoy the party. 

The ceremony was brief and remain true to its purpose. It started right away after giving guests half an hour to enjoy the food. The lighting is calming with a mixed hue of blue and lilac. The stage is just right to fit a small group. There are a bunch of couch and ottoman placed in front of the stage for guests wanting to settle down while watching the ceremony.

I've never really know any of the other guest in the party and this is not my usual crowd so I tried to move around more to observe how people behave in such party. What left me uneasy are those creepy gaze from other guests and the rude remarks from social climbers. This is a prestigious party so it is expected to attract a mixed bag of people in different status in the society. I don't want to sound prude but people really do forget their manners even in gathering as illustrious as this.

Enough with the rant, winning was the last thing on my mind on this night. My focus was to document the whole event through live tweeting the winners as they were announcing them one by one. As the program progressed, I was amaze of the caliber of people they manage to enlist on their nominations not to mention the victors. 

GMEA surely is a prestigious award giving body by recognizing the hard work of the people serving the community through their craft. It somewhat boost my confidence to be part of this whole thing. This is one of the highly coveted award in the media industry.

As they were about announce the winner of the category where I was nominated which is "Blogger of the Year" I tightened my grip of my camera to be ready to take a photo of the winner. The crowd go silent as the announcer is ready to broadcast the name of the victor and I was there in a good spot to take that perfect winning photo of this chosen blogger.

The moment the name of the blogger and the website was spoken out to the crowd they go wild with cheer that I honestly did not hear it the first time. It was when the website of the blogger was flashed to the big screen that my jaw dropped to the floor. THAT IS MY BLOG!

Dazed as I was, the first person that I first message is my close blogger friend who believed in me and encourage me to push through with this award. Then my eyes lead me to my mother and I've never seen her more proud & happy in my life! That is a priceless moment for me seeing her like that and is more than any award in the world.

The best part of the ceremony is there are no grand speeches required for the victors. I head over to the stage, give everyone in there a hand shake, accept the trophy and then the picture taking follows. It was a brief ceremony and straight to the point just as I wanted it to be.

Kudos to the PR works team, who handled the event in behalf of Globe Telecom, for delivering a professional setting and a truly wonderful experience with a program fit for the intended award given. From the technologically savvy registration of the attendants to the truly businesslike ambiance inside one of Radisson Blu's eminent halls. 

I never get the chance to thank everyone that night as there are no speeches involved when we accept the award. So let me thank Globe Telecom for recognizing the hardwork of the people in this industry, to PR works Cebu, especially to Van, for seeing a potential in my blog and enlisting it along with other superb nominees, to my ever supportive mother who made herself available in events such as these and to my close blogger friend Darwin for believing in my blog. 

I believe God let me win because He knows I will make good use of the cash prize and I will play my part to fully utilize the money for charity. That is quite an experience that paid off all the hard work and effort I put through this blog. This award is a confirmation that I made it in the blogosphere. 

I share this victory to everyone who supported this blog all through the years and may you continue to do so. We are all victors in our own way if we put our heart to everything we do and endure the challenges ahead of us with a hopeful outlook to a brighter future. 

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