Byaheng Timog Cebu : The Heartbreaking Changes of Mantayupan Falls

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Highly regarded as one of the most beautiful waterfall and known as the highest in the province of Cebu towering for over one hundred meters. Mantayupan Falls is a long favorite of mine because of its breathtaking beauty but all of these changes once I revisit it again after almost a decade.

This was our third stop in the South Cebu tour thanks to our friends in Travels by Omnia Bellus. I was excited to revisit this waterfall again after a very long time and to see how its doing. We arrived early in the vicinity to avoid the crowd around eight in the morning but no matter how early I guess the crowd cannot be avoided especially during weekends. 

The welcome arch to the waterfall haven't change at all. All the memories I have of this place came rushing in as I enter the arch. This is the fifth time that I've visited Mantayupan already and it came second to Kawasan Falls as my most visited waterfall in the world. 

I always thought that this is a more superior and beautiful compared to Kawasan because it has all the classic quality of a waterfall that I've come to expect - the high vertical plunge, powerful torrent and the lush vegetation all around it. I have all praises for this waterfall especially that picturesque first level with its triple flow. I remember I enjoyed a natural waterfall massage in that area. The mighty power of the second level always give me that thrill of seeing it again.

My companions who were first timer here rushed to go down to the first level of Mantayupan Falls. I was excited too for them and to my surprise it did not look the same. I guess they did something to obstruct the natural flow that it wasn't as strong as it once was. They also setup an eye sore sign that it's forbidden to go near the waterfall for reasons that I don't know. Honestly, I don't see any danger in approaching the first level. Someone must have thought that it's a good spot to dry some clothes because I found old underwear left hanging there.

Naturally, Mantayupan is a crowded tourist spot but I did not expect it to be too crowded. Once we arrived in the second level, I feel like I never left the city and was exploring around Colon. There are people everywhere and it's triple the crowd the last time I was here. What they did to the waterfall here made the most impact to me. To ensure the convenience of the tourists they compromise the beauty of this waterfall by setting up ropes everywhere in the water and killed the beautiful rock formations by covering it with mortar. It's such an unbearable sight to see that I never bother to take a lot of photos and videos.

Sadly, that huge crowd brought trash with them that's quite hard to control. This is a factor too that ruined this beautiful waterfall for me. I suggest they need to make necessary changes to Mantayupan Falls that also benefit nature and not just the people. Those hideous ropes need to be removed and forbid the people to swim in that deeper part. More trash bins should be placed to at least control the litter people make. Finally, they need to stop making unsightly changes that conceal the natural beauty of nature. 

We left the place with my heart full of resentment of not being able to do anything for Mantayupan Falls. Felt ashamed for my companions to witness such repulsive sight humans changing the natural landscape of such a tranquil sanctuary. Otherwise, I wouldn't have included it in my itinerary if I've known.

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