Byaheng Timog Cebu : The New Look of Molave Milk Station

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South Cebu is perfect for short weekend drive because almost every municipality has something to offer. That's what made the southern part of Cebu very appealing for those people who own a car to test drive because the road is quite developed and towns are mostly tourist friendly. No other pit stop is as famous for drivers than the Molave Milk Station in this side of Cebu. It's a sanctuary for weary drivers and bored passengers to stretch out those muscles. Today it undergo a major overhaul to make it more appealing to the new generation and made every corner instagrammable as they say.

This was our second stop in the South Cebu tour that Travels by Omnia Bellus willingly sponsored. We decided to eat our breakfast here as well because the place actually serve affordable meals. They also charge corkage fee now for Php 50.00 per item in the newly renovated area but I think the old area near the entrance is still free.

Besides their famous goat dairy products like ice cream, milk and cheese they've added gelato and coffee now to their menu. They also boldly claim their coffee is better than Starbucks.

There's a mini zoo as well with mostly birds and small mammals inhabiting the cages but the peacocks sure as very beautiful. 

This new look of Molave Milk Station recently made the soft opening to the public last April 2017. You should try to make a side stop here now and enjoy the fresh air, good food and scenery.

A few minutes from here you can stopover in a beautiful cliffside scenery to have a photo like we did. This was our third stopver somewhere in Barili.

Check out the different video blogs of the trip in my YouTube & Vimeo accounts.

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Thanks to Travels by Omnia Bellus for sponsoring this trip for us travel bloggers. You may book this itinerary with them.

Check out their Facebook page Travels by Omnia Bellus Facebook Page for updates of their rates

Ground Flr, Andy Hotel
727 AS Fortuna St. Mandaue City Cebu
Mobile Phone # (0933) 858 1045
Phone # 032 513 2099

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