Byaheng Timog Cebu : The Rising Star of South Cebu's Inland Beaches

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Lambug Beach is a recently known white beach destination in the province. It can easily compete with the classic favorites in the south such as the white sand beach in Moalboal & Alcoy. I'd say it's rightfully deserving of such prestige because the quality of the sand here is finer and certainly better for swimming. Some people I know prefer Lambug Beach than the Moalboal & Alcoy's white sandy shore. 

This was our fifth stop in the sponsored tour from the generous people in Travels by Omnia Bellus. Naturally, this is where we decided to eat our lunch in the first day and where we manage to bond more and relax. I guess any beach naturally does that to people. We would have loved to waste the remaining time of the day here if only we don't have a tight itinerary to catch.

It was almost noon when we arrived in the vicinity. The weather started out real good which made the beach even more stunning and not even the huge crowd can dampen the natural beauty of Lambug Beach. We came on weekend so an immense number of people is expected so that's why we decided to avoid it by walking to the furthest part of the beach hoping for a thinner populace. Thankfully, there are lesser people in the distant part of Lambug.

Everyone wanted to chill in beach after our heavy lunch with Carcar's lechon and some BBQ. The turquoise water and the cerulean sky are too much for my senses to resist so I decided to join them in the water. 

Just when we are finally ready to take photos the sky started to get gloomy and a rain burst out from the clouds. Still, we manage to take beautiful group photo before saying adieu to this marvelous beach.

Lambug Beach is cleverly situated in the municipality of Badian close to the infamous Kawasan Falls. The landmark to get to the beach from the highway is to follow the sign pointing to the International Golf and Resort. There's a big restaurant next to the sign from the main road and it's only about five minutes drive ( estimating around 3 kilometers ) from there.

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Quick Facts
  • There are currently no entrance fee to the beach.
  • There are cottages / rooms for rent with a starting prize of Php 500.00.
  • There are cooked meals here for sale and you can even request for a grilled BBQ.
  • The cellular signal here is weak and barely gives you enough for internet browsing.
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Thanks to Travels by Omnia Bellus for sponsoring this trip for us travel bloggers. You may book this itinerary with them.

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